Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2: It Rained Gold As Sukanya And Krishangi Rocked The Stage

July 8, 2019


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If you missed watching Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2 last weekend, then worry not. Here are the highlights for you. As usual the bubbly host Archana Chandhoke began the episode by welcoming the viewers he audience, the judges and the jury to be a part of yet another musically enchanting weekend. Every weekend throws a new challenge to the contestants, and on this occasion, it was all about showcasing their flamboyance. The theme for this weekend was Disco.

Watch the latest episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2 here:

Some of the contestants pulled off a surprise by singing songs that are diametrically different from the genre they master. As expected Sukanya, the rising star of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2 bagged the Golden Performance crown. Janagan, who was the second to perform, surprised the judges by sporting a retro avatar and singing a song to perfection. He became the second recipient of the Golden Performance Saturday evening followed by Arul Prakasham, who pleasantly shocked the judges. And the list doesn’t end there, Lakshmi also bagged truckful of appreciation for her performance and bagged the golden performance tag and so did Karthik. It rained gold during Saturday’s performance because Krishangi, who concluded the episode also ended up winning the Golden Performance tag.

Nepoliya began Sunday’s episode by grabbing the Golden Performance crown. Mrithul did well enough but remained short of getting the golden performance.

Lavanya delivered her best performance so far in her journey in the show and became a golden performer while Devanandha, Aslam and Saravedi Saran did fairly well.

In the end, Reshma, Chandan Gupta, Thamiraa and Vaishnavi were in the danger zone this weekend. Reshma and Chandhan Gupta get saved from the eliminations while Vaishnavi and Thamiraa bid goodbye to the show this season. For more entertainment, watch Tamil Music Masti videos on ZEE5.

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