Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2: Former Contestants Add Glitter To The Musical Celebration

September 23, 2019


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In last weekend’s episodes of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors season 2, former contestants – participants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs season 1 and 2 and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors season 1 – made their presence felt in the most melodious possible way. The special guest for the evening was Vijay Yesudas, son of legendary singer Yesudas.

Saturday’s episode began with a duet performance by Janagan and Akshaya from Little Champs season 2. Janagan couldn’t impress the judges but was applauded for his sincere efforts. The next to perform was Devanandha along with a former junior contestant. Aslam became the first singer of the evening to bag golden for his spellbinding performance. And folk specialist Lakshmi rocked the stage as usual. Aishwarya, who was joined by a former senior contestant, just fell short of the Golden Performance.

On Sunday, Reshma opened the episode with a former Senior contestant. She delivered a captivating performance and bagged appreciation from special guest Vijay Yesudas. Sukanya, who is one of the strongest contestants to win the title this season, was joined by Sanjay. Sukanya bagged the Golden Performance for her spellbinding singing.

Saravedi Saran, the most flamboyant singer of this season was joined by junior contestant Kamlesh. The two rocked the stage and set it on fire. And then it was time for Krishangi, the girl from Assam to showcase her skills. She was joined by Jaskiran Singh of the first season. Both the non-Tamil speaking contestants left the audience speechless by singing a Tamil song like a pro. And then it was Karthik’s turn to conclude the episode with a Golden Performance. However, in the end, it was time for the judges to announce the elimination. Janagan and Devanandha, who scored the least, were asked to come on to the stage. Devananda, bid goodbye, as Janagan outperformed her by scoring more Golden Performances since the beginning of the show.

Who is your favourite singer of the season? Do let us know by leaving your comment below, and for more entertainment, watch ZEE5 Original Series Postman.


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