Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 16 Is Hosting The Family Round Next Week And We Can’t Keep Calm

Parinika Uchil

July 18, 2019

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The Princess Version Of Anushree

Source: ZEE5

After the ‘All-Time Heroes‘ round and the ‘Celebration Round‘, this week we have probably the most-anticipated round of all, the Family Round!! Yes! This week you will get to know the inspiration behind these puttanigalus, their family. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16 has been more than entertaining don’t you think?

Today, we will look at some awesome UNSEEN pictures of the contestants and their families who partnered with the kids to perform brilliant duets. However, with Anushree beginning every episode, the mood of the show always remains high. Just look at the princess in her, shining brightly.

Anushree Presents Something To Arjun Janya Ji

Source: ZEE5

Any guesses what it could be? Well, the moment surely looks romantic and the lighting just sets the mood. Also, did you notice that both seem to be blushing?

Here Are The New Participants Of The Show On Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2019

Source: ZEE5

The family members who will be taking part with their respective contestants, all are called upon the stage to give the audience an idea of what is happening. Aren’t you excited already??

Bhargav And His Father Partner Up In This Episode Of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in the same attire, Bhargav and his beloved father get singing on stage. Look at the way they are standing. #perfectmatch

The Bharadhwajs Sure Know How To Have Fun

Source: ZEE5

With his mother blushing in the side looking at her favourite boys, Bhargav and his father share a quirky moment on stage.

Sunadh’s Partner Is The Lady Luck Of His Life

Source: ZEE5

Partnered up with Sunadh for this week’s performance is his lovely mother. She has been like his backbone from the beginning of the show, by coming for every episode!

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2019: The Family Picture Of The Prasads

Source: ZEE5

The shy boy Sunadh stands with his parents while his father shares some incidents from his toddlerhood. If you are interested to know what he said about Sunadh, stay tuned to this week’s episode.

For Shreyas His Anna Came To His Rescue

Source: ZEE5

A replica of his older brother, Shreyas performs with a smile and expressions on his face. Now look at his brother, he too has almost the same expressions as Shreyas minus the spectacles!

They Are One Big Happy Family

Source: ZEE5

Shreyas, his parents and brother are later called on the stage to have some maja. Looking at Anushree’s expression it seems like she cracked a good one!

Gurukiran Brings His Mommy Dearest To Sing With Him

Source: ZEE5

One of the best contestants on the show, Gurukiran and his mother seem to have partnered up this week. Will they give a golden-buzzer worthy performance? Don’t go anywhere this weekend to find out.

Gurukiran’s Sister Steps Into The Game

Source: ZEE5

With confidence like never before, Gurukiran sings a few lines with his older sister too. Look at their proud mother on the right.

Omkar And His Dad’s Performance Was Mind-Blowing

Source: ZEE5

After Gurukiran, I nominate Omkar to be in the top 5 purely because of his rich, folksy voice. Partnering up with him is his daddy dearest.

An Emotional Moment For Omkar On The Sets Of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2019

Source: ZEE5

With his mother coaxing him, it seems like Omkar got emotional about something after his performance. And I can’t wait to find out why. Can you?

Nayana’s Father Is Her Superhero

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in a simple traditional attire is Nayana’s father, who will take the stage with her this weekend. Nayana too has a beautiful traditional attire going on so the song this pair chooses to sing will be interesting.

A Long-Time-Due Dance Between Nayana’s Mom And Dad

Source: ZEE5

Awww! This is the #pictureperfect moment where Nayana’s parents were caught in this candid dancing still. She looks happy? Embarrassed? Surprised? Well, stay tuned to find out.

A Group Dance On The Sets Of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Source: ZEE5

Dancing with Nayana’s mother is the cute hostess Anushree opposite her darling and Nayana’s father. Scroll for one more adorable picture of these two…

This Has To Be An #Awww Moment On Sa Re Ga Ma Pa This Season

Source: ZEE5

Something we all have been waiting for was a romantic dance between Arjun Janya and Anushree and voila!! One of my favourite pictures in the lot for sure.

Gnana Is Her Daddy’s Little Girl

Source: ZEE5

This tiny human, who has won our hearts time and again, chose her superhero to dance with, her daddy dearest. Doesn’t she look like a doll??

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs: Rosy Lips, Dimple Chin, Curly Hair

Source: ZEE5

Mind you this little angel is just 3.5-years-old and knows at least 25 songs by heart. A proud moment for her father as he rewards her with a kiss on the cheeks.

And There’s Her Mommy

Source: ZEE5

Sitting comfortably in her mother’s lap is Gnana, waiting for the comments from the judges. Do you think she will get a golden buzzer this time?

Aprameya And His Father All Decked Up

Source: ZEE5

As if pulled right out of a mythological show, Aprameya and his father seem to have come up with a way to give a power-packed performance.

Siddegowdru And Siddegowdru Senior In A Duet

Source: ZEE5

Twinning in a lovely gentleman’s outfit is Rohan and his dad. They both sport the ‘I am the King of the world’ look.

Rohan’s Parents Put On A Hit Show

Source: ZEE5

You will see a lot of romance this weekend between the parents’ of the contestants. Like this picture, in which Rohan’s mother is blushing while his father sings a romantic song for her.

Parnika And Her Mother Look Like Two Little Girls

Source: ZEE5

It’s doesn’t seem at all like Parnika’s mother is a MOTHER! She looks like a college-going student if you ask me.

Surprise For Parnika On The Sets Of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs

Source: ZEE5

While her parents look at the audience in anticipation, Anushree covers Parnika’s eyes after her performance, for a surprise.

Tada! Some Adorable Supporters Of Parnika On Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2019

Source: ZEE5

Parnika is thrilled to see her grandparents who will be coming this weekend to support their little rock star. Another #pictureperfect moment if you ask me.

Sakshi’s Father Is As Immersed In The Song As She Is

Source: ZEE5

Sakshi performs a duet with her father and with the intensity they both have while singing the song, you can rest assured that their performance will be golden-buzzer worthy.

Sangeetha Puts Up A Stunning Performance With Her Sister

Source: ZEE5

Partnering up with her sister this week is Sangeetha. Her voice may be fresh but if she puts her mind to it, Sangeetha has given some golden-buzzer worthy performances until now.

Her Family Is Her Life

Source: ZEE5

Look at the content reflecting on this little girl’s face as she is hugging her uncle. It may be an emotional moment for her sister and uncle but Sangeetha looks just at peace with life. #touchwood

Monamma’s Duet Partner Is Her Brother

Source: ZEE5

Another folk singer in the house. Monamma too is a fresh voice that needs a lot more training but with an in-built talent like hers, she will do wonders in life, don’t you agree?

The Entire Family Comes Down From Raichur

Source: ZEE5

Monamma proudly introduces her family and speaks fondly of them. Anushree’s look towards the family itself shows the love that is flowing on the stage.

Abhisyanth And His Thande On Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs

Source: ZEE5

Dressed equally as cool as Abhisyanth, is his father as they perform on stage. Abhisyanth can be considered as a strong contender with an equally power-packed attitude while performing on stage.

Abhisyanth And His Family Have A Gala Time With Anushree

Source: ZEE5

While standing on stage after the performance, Abhisyanth and his parents have some fun with Anushree. But to know what it is you will have to stay tuned to this week’s episode.

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