Rushil Bangia Joins The Cast Of ZEE5 Original Series Ishq Aaj Kal Season 3: Exclusive Pics

Ashutosh Oak

August 29, 2019


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Get Ready For The Third Season Of Ishq Aaj Kal


It is absolutely difficult to introduce the loyal audience to a spin-off and that too on a different platform. But we must say that the transition between Ishq Subhan Allah and its spin-off Ishq Aaj Kal has been smooth. The way the makers have weaved the story around the original storyline of the TV show bridges the gap efficiently.

The love triangle of Faraz, Aliya and Arshad have caught the attention of the audience with its two seasons and now this thrilling entertainer starring Angad Hasija, Ankitta Sharma and Paras Kalnamwat is all set to stream its third season soon.

Watch the previous season below:

Ankitta Sharma as Aaliya Jaffri


The character of Aliya is perfectly placed and her back story adds more depth to the character and her personality. It was absolutely intriguing to see her finding her fathers whereabouts in the first season.

Aaliya’s Father


The narrative of both the seasons of the show has kept the audience hooked throughout. The character of Aaliya’s father is certainly going to add more value to the story.


The Bond Between Aaliya And Her Father


The starting point of the story was the mystery of Aaliya’s father and this worked well in connecting the audience with the spin-off resulting in a new set of the audience slowly moving towards OTT platforms. Aaliya’s father is played by actor Rushil Bangia.


Paras Kalnawat aka Farwaz Sheikh


To explain the story in short, we would say Ishq Aaj Kal is about love, revenge, thrill and mystery. And the character who enthralled us with his performance is none other than Farwaz Sheikh.


Upcoming Twists & Revelations


The first season helped us to understand the characters and their past but the second season was more about how relationships are entangled and how the characters suffered from it. With the upcoming season, we expect a few new faces to continue the story.

Ishq Aaj Kal 3 Will Have An Interesting Plot Line


It is more than just a bunch of kids who’ve landed in a hotel for an internship. Every character has different motives and back story.


What New Revelations Will Be Made This Season?


What we missed in the recent season was in-depth detail of a few characters which lacked in their back story but we can expect them to be covered in the 3rd season. This season will also see actor Rushil Bangia. Check out the trailer review here.

What will the third season be all about? Can you guess?

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