Ronit Bose Roy: My Preparation For KKHH Is Such That I’ll Have To Write A Book On It

Essaying the reckless lover Rohit Mehra in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, Ronit Roy reveals that he will be seen in a different light in Season 3, on ZEE5.

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June 4, 2020


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The third season of the romantic-drama series Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is all set to hit your screens on 6 June 2020. Essayed by Ronit Bose Roy, the show revolves around a middle-aged man named Rohit Mehra, who has a caring wife, Poonam (Gurdip Punjj) and loving family but falls in love with another woman, Ananya (Mona Singh). His questionable decisions break his happy family and cause #RishtonKiUljhan. His messed-up life takes a drastic turn when Amaira (Aditi Vasudev) enters it. In an exclusive interview with ZEE5, Ronit Roy revealed that his character will be seen in a completely different light and will have many dark shades in the season to come. Read the full interview further.

Watch the promo of ‘Rohit Mehra, the Reckless Lover’ here:

1. How is your experience of playing a complicated, indecisive character like Rohit Mehra?

Firstly, though it is said through dialogue in the trailer, I will disagree that Rohit Mehra is indecisive. And I’ve been in the acting industry for 28 years now. So, after having clocked so much of time, if I don’t get to do a complicated and challenging role, if I don’t find it difficult to navigate my way through it or if I don’t have to find another layer and some more depth in me, then there’s no point in doing the role. So, it was exciting to take on this tough job.

2. How is Rohit Mehra in Season 3 different from the first two seasons?

See, Rohit Mehra in Season 1 and 2 was okay, but in Season 3, his complications are on another level. He is not able to get over his past and his heart is fractured by all that he has been through. There’s a void and a vacuum in his soul because of the loss that he has faced. Such incidents happen in everyone’s life at some point or the other. They do move on with their lives but the grieving never really stops. So, his way of dealing with that fracture is quite interesting now.

3. The story is written by Neena Gupta. Have you interacted with her on set or pre and post-production?

My initial meeting was with Neena Gupta ji and after that, I was told that Jaya Misra is the writer of Season 3. So, I’m not aware of the internal production matters, but interacting with both of them was quite fun and interesting.

4. To perform in such an emotionally intense show, did you prepare in a certain way?

My preparation is such that I’ll have to write a book on it. It is really in-depth and it’s not possible for me to explain my technique for this role. Because when I sit down to prepare for a role, I fill up about 60-65 pages of writing. I had to imbibe a lot into myself because I’m not like Rohit Mehra at all. My interiors are the complete opposite of him. My thought process is entirely different from him in Season 3. I like to believe that I’m an extremely balanced person. Well, what I did was, I sent 20-25 questions to be answered by our show’s creators about Rohit. So, that helped me to prepare in a completely different way for Season 3.

5. What’s your take on infidelity? Is it possible to love someone and cheat on them as Rohit does?

Obviously, it is possible, which is why such a story has come up. And we’ve heard of extra-marital affairs in the real world. For me, I believe that where there is love, there is respect. And something like Rohit has never happened to me. So, one doesn’t know how will they react in such a situation. Well, about infidelity I’d say that there’s a range to it. There are one-night stands and then there are secret wives also. I know couples in which both the partners have extra-marital affairs with different people but they stay under one roof for their children and live a facade. Again, one can write an entire book on infidelity.

6. What life lessons can one learn from Rohit Mehra’s life and choices?

Well, there are life lessons that can be learnt from Ronit Roy’s life, for sure (laughs). See, this show doesn’t talk about spirituality or inspiration. It is purely for entertainment. It is a story of human relationships and what all happens in them. So, it doesn’t shine a light or show people the way. It tells about a man and the women in his life, and how destructive things can be if you don’t choose well. Otherwise, it is not made to teach or enlighten people in any way.

7. How is it sharing screen space with Gurdip Punjj (Poonam) and Mona Singh (Ananya)?

Wow, both of them are extremely talented. They have a huge body of work behind them. And both of them are lovely co-stars!

8. How does it feel to play father to two daughters Nikki (Palak Jain) and Bani (Pooja Banerjee)?

See, I’ve been a father on-screen since 2000. I’ve played father to Arjun Kapoor also (2 States). So, it’s not new to me. But yes, as people, I really like Nikki and Bani. They are really, really cute. Well, they’re actually grown-ups but for me, they’re still kids. They are still childish and I kind of enjoy that on the set. I like to hang out with more youngsters and not always be around seniors. It’s lovely to see the innocence and charm in them as well as work with them.

The Season 3 drops very soon on 6 June 2020. Don’t forget to watch all the episodes of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, only on ZEE5.

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