RJ Balaji’s Character In Vadacurry Is One Of The Highlights Of The Film, Here’s Why

June 4, 2019


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Vadacurry is a movie that deals with love and some interesting problems that happen in the life of Satish (Jai). The movie has a general tone of comedy but it also does speak about the many prevalent issues in the society in a subtle manner. When it comes to the comedy part, Jai’s character Satish and his misadventures with women and his mobile phone lends to enough of a laughter spree but what or specifically who adds to the ring of the laughter in the movie is the character Vadacurry (RJ Balaji). 

Watch the funny events that happen in Satish’s life due to his cheap mobile phone.

Balaji Patturaj also is known as RJ Balaji started his career as a radio jockey and later shifted to television shows and cinemas. Balaji who maintains the notion that nonsense humour and nonstop talking is his USP continues to do that effortlessly in the movie through the character Vadacurry. His dialogues which flow effortlessly as normal words and which actually are something on the lines of ‘pathetic of the penicillin’ and ‘kadacha kanji thanni, illana kuzhai thanni’ sound funny and brings out a lot of laughter.

Jai and RJ Balaji
A still from Vadacurry

Now the character sharing the name with the movie is of very less significance here, as apart from that fact the character and the movie have the same name there is not highlighting significance. Thus, it is not the story of Vadacurry. Having said this the character Vadacurry as a character plays an important role in shaping the events and adding to the conflicts in the movie.

As it is he who in the first place makes the need for a new mobile in Satish’s life more prominent with his theory that girls fall for men with expensive mobile. In a similar fashion, it is his decision that Satish should keep the stolen mobile with him that lands Satish in the trouble with the mafia. So, this sense Vadacurry the character is an integral part of the movie and the plot.

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