Ride Along With Lakshmi Manchu In Mrs Subbalaxmi And Find Happiness While You Stay At Home

Sneha Bale

March 31, 2020


1 min

1. It's all about finding happiness

There’s always a silver lining to everything that takes place. As the world sees tough times, we strongly believe that something good will come out of it. And if you are struggling to find the silver lining – here’s the tea. We’re blessed with all the luxuries and plenty of time on hand, inside the cosy cocoons of our houses. Why not utilise it and binge-watch – guilt-free?

One of the most important things that we must do during the lockdown is to keep ourselves happy and motivated. That’s something that Lakshmi Manchu also does in her ZEE5 Original show, Mrs Subbalakshmi. So, tag along and see where this ride takes you.

2. The true struggles of a man (without a woman)

In the show, Mrs Subbalakshmi leaves her ‘perfect’ life behind, which also includes her husband and two children, to find herself. This quest for independence and self-discovery leaves Srinivas Avasarla – the husband – alone, trying to figure out how to deal with his life without a woman who does everything for him.

3. A wild party that turns into a daring escapade

As Subbalakshmi finds her way out of the house and into the real world, too many things happen to her including a few rounds of tequila. But hey, that’s the warm-up. The real party gets started when she tries to help a young couple elope. Oh, dear social media! That’s what gets this party going wild.

4. *Boom* Drugs, Mafia, Guns, Action *Boom*

When the word gets on social media, things start to turn risque. Subbalakshmi’s happy and plain-vanilla life starts to see highs and lows of types. These also include strange meetings, stranger places and strangest people.

5. Too many oopsies

Finally, a comedy of errors sets the laughter ball rolling, instantly. Subbakshmi’s life outside the house is no less than that. As she witnesses these adventures, you are sure to find yourself laughing and biting your nails.

Watch all the episodes of the show right here on ZEE5. Grab your favourite snack and don’t forget to stay hydrated. You can also get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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