Richard’s Varkala Photos Will Make You Wish For A Beach Vacation

October 22, 2019


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Holidaying abroad has its own charms, undoubtedly. But India is such a vast land with so many geographical diversities that there are still many beautiful destinations, that remain unexplored. This particularly holds true for our Kerala as well. It is not without reason that this state is called God’s own country. While we do have the most picturesque village retreats and backwater destinations, our beaches are no less in their beauty. Richard Jose, lead actor of Sumangali Bhava, recently shared a few photos from his trip to Varkala, one of the most stunning cliff beaches in the world. A popular tourist destination in Thiruvananthapuram, the view of the sea from the cliff is beyond words. It also makes for a great weekend getaway.

If you missed watching the latest episode of Sumangali Bhava, catch it here. Scroll down to read about Jose’s amazing holiday in Varkala.

Afternoon is the ideal time to saunter on Varkala beach as the hill and sea together make for a magnificent view. Judging by the pictures he posted, it looks like Richard had a dreamy stay at the beach. Check it out.

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Sunsets are supposed to be spectacular at Varkala beach and this sunset picture posted by the actor during his stay there is gorgeous!

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Besides Varkala, Thiruvanathapuram has other beaches too. Let’s have a look at five nearby beaches.
1. Kovalam:
An internationally acclaimed beach with three adjacent crescent beaches, this place has been tourists’ favourite for decades. At the beach, one can indulge in sunbathing, swimming, body toning massages and cruising.
2. Shanghumukham beach:
The main attraction at the beach is the 35 meter long Jalaykanyaka/ Sagarakanyaka, a naked mermaid lying in repose. Sculpted out of stone by eminent sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman, it is the best beach to watch sunset from.
3. Samudra beach:
One of the exquisite views that await visitors at this beach is waves crashing on the rocks. Situated to the north of Ashok Beach, this well-maintained coastline has plenty of eateries awaiting visitors.
4. Thumba beach:
Situated on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, this beach is less-crowded and hence the ideal space for ‘me time’.
5. Lighthouse beach:
As the name suggests, a light house, painted in red and white, is the main attraction of the beach. And if you have the stamina for it, you can also take the spiral stairs to the top of the light house to soak in the panoramic views that it offers.
Sumangali Bhava, a psychological thriller, narrates the story of Vaidehi, an independent woman and Sooryanarayana Varma, her husband. Richard plays the role of Sooryanarayana Varma.
For more entertainment, watch Pookalam Varavayai streaming on ZEE5.

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