Revealed: The Significance Of Prabha’s Aalu In Mitta

July 31, 2019


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Mitta, that streams on ZEE5, is about the life of two stoners Sathu and Lallu. It speaks a lot about their addiction to the smoking of weed and gives the viewers an insight into the shallow sense of morality that these two misfits share in common. The act that Sathu and Lallu present is something which will leave you fazed and with a ring of resounding laughter in your mind. But with this, it will also leave you with a question about the true purpose of the existence of these characters.

Now, apart from these two significant characters who share an equal space is the character of Prabha’s Aalu. Now it may seem a bit derogatory of the makers of the series to just add a character with very less regard to its identity, especially owing to the fact that the character is a female. But in the series, you would realise that most of the characters have very less regard for their own identity and they just have one aim to live for and that is to smoke up more weed.

Lallu and Shira
A still from Mitta

Prabha’s Aalu is played by actress Shira Gaarg and she does a great part in playing the role. The expectation from each character is set to a certain standard at the beginning of the series. Thus, from Prabha’s Aalu the expectation is low. And similarly, she frets between the emotions of Lallu and Sathu. In fact, it feels that she is attracted to weed or the quality to intake weed more than the quality of a person.

In a similar fashion, at the beginning of the narrative, we see that she denies having any relationship when Lallu asks her about Sathu but does get close with him all the time but later during the course of the series her interest shifts to Lallu. This indicates that she might have done the same thing with Prabha. So, the depiction of the character of Prabha’s Aalu is no different from the other characters.

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