REVEALED: Here’s The Real Side Of Kartik, The Man Who Married Meenakshi

Sneha Bale

May 13, 2019


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The latest entrant in the Telugu TV show circuit, Meenakshi, has been keeping us on the edge of our seats with its slow-roasting twists. While so far we have seen Meenakshi (played by Yamini) lose her father and her eyesight on the same day in a strange twist of fate, become dependent on her siblings and her sister-in-law Roshini trying to get her married off to her boyfriend Kartik as part of a plan to later elope with him. Kartik managed to convince everyone in Meenakshi’s family without any second thought or inquiry. They got married to each other in the episode that was telecast on May 10, 2019.

In the latest episode of Meenakshi, telecast on May 13, 2019, we  see that Kartik’s real intentions have finally come out in the open for the audience to see. Initially, he had been introduced as a rich girl’s boyfriend. He had been in a relationship with Roshini but had to separate since her father had forced her to marry Meenakshi’s elder brother, Kasi. But it was a brief separation. They got back together and plotted and planned to take the families down and elope later. And that is why Kartik had followed Roshini from the big city to the village.

Roshini had told Kartik that he must exploit Meenakshi in ways that the entire family becomes helpless. That’s when Kartik had suggested that he will marry Meenakshi and then play along until they find a way to escape. It had so happened that Meenakshi had lost her eyesight because of Kartik in the first place when she got hit by his bike and fell on barbed wire. To marry her, he arrived at Meenakshi’s doorstep pretending to be an orphan. He confessed to his crime and convinced everyone that he will be suitable for Meenakshi. But before even their first night together as a married couple, we see Kartik escaping from the house, making everyone believe that he was truly was a con man.

Stills From Meenakshi With Kartik And His Mother
Kartik with his mother in Meenakshi (Source: ZEE5)

Later, we see Kartik entering a house never seen before and sitting by the bedside of a lady who is lying in a semi-conscious state. Turns out, the lady in question is Kartik’s mother. She had been in a coma for years and it all started when the Bhanumati family (that Roshini hails from) troubled Kartik’s family to such an extent that his father had to commit suicide. Kartik, who has been close to Roshini, does not want her money or wealth. But in fact, he has been waiting to take her family down for the injustice done to his family.

His sister asks Kartik where he was all this while and why he was dressed as a groom. He tells her that he got married to a girl named Meenakshi to get one step closer to his goal of revenge. He also promises her that he will be a good husband. The story seems convincing now but is this really the truth? We’re believing it. Are you?

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