Republic Of Entertainment: 5 Reasons You Should Watch Lagira Zhala Jee On ZEE5

Manjiri Shete

January 22, 2020


3 min

The Marathi serial, Lagira Zhala Jee has etched itself in our hearts long after it is over. This, one of a kind show, attempts to display the life of a soldier who is out there taking risks and giving us a chance to lead a peaceful life. Ajinkya and Sheetal’s love story also solidifies our belief in love and the importance of family. So, on the ocassion of Republic day, here are solid reasons why you must binge on the episodes of Lagira Zhala Jee! Have a look.

Watch an episode of Lagira Zhala Jee below:

1. Shows the struggle of soldiers at the border

This profession comes with high responsibility, but before reaching that position, there are physical tests which are to be cleared. We have seen how Ajinkya had to pass a rigorous training test just to be a part of the Indian army. They have to push their physical and mental boundaries to accomplish their mission.

2. Throws light on the risks the soldiers take every day

The soldiers don’t have an open of wrapping up with their duty at a particular time and going back home. Through Ajinkya’s life, we get a glimpse at the high risks which are involved in this job. They are making the nation proud, but by the end of the day, they are just humans.

3. Highlights issues in their family

Lagira Zhala Jee shows the sacrifices which the family (parents, sisters, children and brothers) has to make when one of their beloved members is at the borders. There are countless sleepless nights and tears shed just to make sure that army man is alive.

4. Women empowerment

We saw Sheetal’s empowering transformation from being an army man’s wife to a soldier herself. She inspires a whole class of women who are looking up to her. In Ajinkya’s absence, Sheetal took care of the house and supported his family through thick and thin.

5. Showcases their willingness to serve the country without any selfish agenda

It is not an easy choice to leave our dreams and aspirations behind just to serve our motherland. However, the army men willingly choose this option. They dedicate their lives to keep the billions of people safe and happy in their homes.

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