REJCTX Music Review: Sneha Khanwalkar Blends In Magic With A Message

Sneha Khanwalkar has composed all the 12 songs shown in the web series sung by Charan Singh Pathania, Alisha Batth, Pratika Prabhune and Tejas Menon.

Aayushi Sharma

September 25, 2019


4 min


REJCTX is a ZEE5 Original high-school musical drama co-written and directed by Goldie Behl. The web series narrates the story of Indian teenagers in a foreign residential school who form a rap band to put their talent out there, through angst. While there have been several projects made earlier on the very subject, REJCTX stands out because it doesn’t paint a glossy world but demonstrates the problems they deal with for real. The music album of REJCTX, thus, plays a very crucial role since the students use music and music alone to communicate. Sneha Khanwalkar has composed all the 12 tracks shown in the digital drama. The compositions have a very upbeat and contemporary feel, resonating with the likes of the youth audience.

Woh Lal Rang is the clear winner of the album, sung by Charan Singh Pathania and Pratika Prabhune. It begins slowly with the lyrics ‘Gup chup gup chup, secret…secret’ but goes on to pick up the pace gradually. Packed with meaningful lyrics, the song is pretty melodious and rhythmic all at the same time. Next up is Theek Hai Na by Charan Singh Pathania. Penned by Puneet Sharma, the track begins with a musical instrument and Charan then takes over the vocals in parallel. Perfect for an evening chai, the slow number is bound to touch your core with its slice-of-life words. It definitely will be played on loop because one listen is not enough!

The third track is Love Duet, a slow romantic number from the album. The slow guitar strumming towards the beginning compliments and blends in well with Pratika and Charan’s impressive voices. High on emotions, the many variations in the tune make you feel so many feelings and make you want to see your significant other. Kyun Kyun by Alisha Batth expresses the woes of a lover. The lack of words is made up by the soulful music in this song.

REJCTX – All The Way is a fast-paced number which rounds up the many emotions that the web series tries to capture. Mr. Gin by Pratika Prabhune is strictly for Kubbra Sait fans. The song marks her introduction scene in the series as she romances a bottle of gin. The lyrics might come across as unimpressive but interesting nonetheless. Love Rights is another rap number which keeps you hooked. Dopamine, Who The Fuck Are You And You Think You Know Me are completely enabled by the angst in the words and shall be liked by out and out rap fans only.

Pratika Prabhune has again done a fine job with Makes Me Happy. Hear Me Stutter by Tejas Menon and Pratika Prabhune is our pick for anybody who loves rap! Mind you this is not like the underground ones you have heard before but makes an effort to match the level set by the West.

REJCTX music album is long, yes, but definitely has the spark of variety. If it has a couple of romantic songs to attract listeners, it does have rap numbers and edgy compositions to offer them something different.

What are your thoughts about the music album of REJCTX? Share with us in the comments box below.

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