Real-Life Vanaja of No 1 Kodalu, Hrithi Is A True Blue Fashionista And Here Is The Proof!

Sneha Bale

April 13, 2020


1 min

Spectacled selfie-queen

Our favourite TV shows have gone off-air for time being and we dearly miss what’s happening in the lives of our beloved characters. The struggle is too real and that is why we are here to make your day. In No 1 Kodalu, we see Vanaja as the naive and confused lady. She makes sure we have a good laugh but our eyes are constantly stuck to her amazing sense of style.
Recently, we found out that Hrithi, the actor playing Vanaja, has an amazing sense of style on-screen as well as off-the-screen. And she loves clicking selfies as much as she loves entertaining her fans with funny Tik Tok videos.

Traditional with a twist

Here we have three images of Hrithi donning a saree. In all three specimens, the actor looks elegant and chic. While it seems too dressy and happening, it is funny how Hrithi doesn’t need to do much. That’s what we find amazing about her. What about you?

Floral beauty

Flavour of the season? That seems to be floral prints for our dear Vanaja. Bright or pastels, whatever be the colour a little sprinkle of flowery patterns makes this beauty smile wider. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate swanky and spunky blouses. 

Girl power

After having taken a look at Hrithi’s social media pages, we can say one thing for sure. And it is that this girl loves all things feminine. Pastel colours, animal prints, florals, sarees, and you name it. Here, she smiles her happiest in these pastel pink and red sarees. Just looking at her, can make you smile.
Aren’t we right? How much do you miss No 1 Kodalu and Vanaja? Let us know in the comments below and binge-watch on the show here. Check out more amazing shows here and get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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