Ravi Singhal On Composing #SahasKiVijay Anthem: More Than A Melody, It Had To Be A Shout

“The song is based on the NSG slogan but it is also a call for all the citizens of the world to be brave & fight this battle with Coronavirus” he adds

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March 27, 2020


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The ZEE5 Original series State Of Siege: 26/11 has been making the right kind of noise since it’s on 20 March 2020. The series starring Arjun Bijlani, Arjan Bajwa and Vivek Dahiya as NSG Commandos shows how the city united and helped the NSG tackle the terrorists. Ravi Singhal composed the recently released track ‘Sahas Ki Vijay‘. He says that the song is based on the NSG slogan but also it is a call for all the citizens of the world to be brave and fight this new battle with Coronavirus too. He tells us more about what went behind making the song with the help of Divya Kumar’s powerful voice.

Watch the Sahas Ki Vijay music video here.

1. So when you were making the song Sahas Ki Vijay, what was the message you wanted to convey to the listeners?

They had to know the gravity of the situation in complete seriousness. The opening lines of the song reveal that ‘Soorate behaal hai maa, tera aanchal laal hai Maa’. The moment you enter the song you realise the situation is very dire. From there we take it on positive note and describe how the NSG saved us and uplifted our spirits. It’s a motivational song form the view of the NSG and the hook or the chorus is ‘Sahas Ki Vijay’ the NSG motto. So in the song, it had to not be a melody but more of a shout and I think we managed that.

2. Did you get the lyrics before you wrote the melody for the song?

I got the brief first which was very short one it had to be a kind of NSG anthem along the lines of Sahas Ki Vijay. So I got the hook first and then I gave it to the lyricist. Now no one needs to be reminded about what happened during 26/11 so I didn’t have to brief the lyricist (Kunaal Vermaa) much. He knew what was needed and it all moved quite quickly.

3. Did you use your own personal experiences of 26/11 for the song? 

Yes, definitely I was in a train from CST and the train was stopped at Ghatkopar after the attacks happened. I took the auto from Ghatkopar to my house terrified. I used the anger and tension for the attacks to make the song.

3. The song released day before yesterday. What were the original reactions you received for the song? 

I’ve received a lot of messages saying ‘goosebumps’ and ‘thrilled’. On my Instagram, the video got around a thousand views in 45 minutes. The reaction was nice and I think people connected to it because we are in a kind of war once again. Plus 26/11 is a subject that can never be taken lightly. We cannot even make it an over the top song about the attacks and I think we maintained that line.

4. Did you pick Divya Kumar for the song? What makes him perfect for the song? 

I suggested Divya Kumar to Mr. Tarun Katial (CEO, ZEE5). If you look at patriotic anthems around the world they have to be in rock, but we had to maintain the Indian element to it. Divya was the right person for this song because he has that raw voice and he is great in high-octave songs. His voice sounds raw and he is well-trained in classical music too. I had only 5 days to complete the song and to be honest we didn’t need anything more. Divya also stays in the building opposite mine. So he was here in 15 minutes and ready to sing it because it was about the NSG. He came to us before Coronavirus was spreading so it was just in time.

5. You’ve worked with Divya Kumar in the title track for Rangbaaz Phirse too. How is this song different from your previous collaboration? 

Divya is from Rajasthan and Rangbaaz Phirse was set in Rajasthan. If you listen to Divya’s Hindi, it has a Rajasthani accent to it. For Rangbaaz Phirse’s title track we needed this because the show is set in a small town in Rajasthan so it sounds very local and from a village. State of Siege: 26/11 is set in Mumbai so the song sounds more urban. The only similarity is they are both high-octane songs that needed Divya Kumar’s voice.

6. You worked on ZEE5 Originals Kaafir, Rangbaaz Phirse, Bhram and State Of Siege: 26/11. which one is closest to your heart? 

I would have to say Kaafir because I have always wanted to do romantic and love songs. Kaafir was a really nice love story and at that moment I knew how the theme should be. It was so good that they decided to make a song based on the theme itself. I would love to get more romantic songs from ZEE5.

6. You’ve also done the music for ZEE5 Original horror-thriller Bhram. How did you you adjust to make a horror score?

You connect the stories to your experiences with shows like State of Siege: 26/11 and Kaafir. With horror it’s sometimes you sit till 3 in the night and come up with such dark stuff you feel like shutting your studio and running home. Horror is a very funny zone to compose in because you can scare yourself. But that’s when you know you have something dark and terrifying.

7. How did your longtime association with ZEE5 come about? 

I’ve been working with Tarun Sir before ZEE5. He gave me the opportunity first as a composer for a series and then we collaborated for 2-3 years. We have a good understanding because he knows data and he knows what the market needs and that helps me come up with music. We have a good understanding of what we want to do. I will be composing music for two more shows Naxal and Poison 2 as well.

Watch out for more of Ravi Singhal’s work in these upcoming ZEE5 Originals. Get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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