Rasathi Of Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari Stresses Upon The Importance Of Smiling

July 22, 2019


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Rasathi has been giving us motivation ever since we saw her in Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari. The part of Rasathi is played by actress Ashwini Radha Krishna. In fact, this series has marked a change in the general concept of drama. As it does not take a common subject to deal with but it takes up the issue of body shaming, which has a deep impact and yet most of the time overlooked. So, this series takes up this issue and weaves a beautiful story around it which is intriguing and interesting at the same time.

Watch Rasathi bravely facing her issues in the series Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari.

Recently, Ashwini shared a message about having a smile on your face on one of her social media accounts. This comes as a surprise because if you are following the show, Ashwini’s character in the series is undergoing some serious issues at the moment. But yet Ashwini believes that a smile can drive away all the worries.

Check out Ashwini’s Instagram post.

Now, this is an important message here. As the power that a smile holds should not be overlooked.  It is a common fact that most of us see smiling as an involuntary response to things that brings you happiness. While this is true, what most of us do not realise is that smiling can just be considered as a voluntary response and it could also be a conscious and powerful choice.

Smiling not only helps you to elevate your mood but it also brightens up the mood of people around you. According to some researchers, your health and well being is closely associated with your smile. Essentially, studies indicate​ that the act of smiling can have both short- and long-term benefits on one’s health.

So, like Ashwini said, keep smiling and not only spread joy but live healthily. Share your thoughts and opinion on the actress’ thought in the section given below.

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