Rani Rashmoni 17 September 2020 Written Update: Where has Padma hidden Kamala?

Everyone is extremely alarmed at Kamala’s disappearance!


September 16, 2020


2 min


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In this premiere episode of the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Rani Rashmoni, Padma wants to prevent Kamala from get married again at all costs. She is livid at her mother-in-law, Rani Rashmoni’s (played by Ditipriya Roy) decision, and wants to teach her a lesson. In the dead of the night, she kidnaps Kamala while she is asleep and with the help of her maid, takes her somewhere that no one will be able to find her.

Watch this premiere episode of Rani Rashmoni below:

We see that Padma has chosen the ‘gum ghar,‘ an abandoned room tucked away in a corner of the house, which was supposed to have been sealed for good previously. Padma knows that the Rani has no idea that this godforsaken room is still open, and has held her own daughter-in-law hostage there.

Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

Meanwhile, news of Kamala being missing throws the rest of the family into a panic. They look far and wide for her but to no avail. Mathur Babu (played by Gourab Chatterjee) had ordered that the security outside be ramped up enormously, and Bhupal regrets not being able to carry out his instructions effectively. The family is bewildered that someone has managed to break into the house and kidnap Kamala. Padma sneers at the Rani and asks what she is going to do now that her widowed granddaughter-in-law is missing.

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