What’s Common Between Ajji, Adithi, Gowri, Ramya and Akhilandeswari?


March 13, 2020

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Ajji From Gattimela

The main women of your favourite serials have undoubtedly set the right example on how to stand strong in what you believe in. What also gets them going is their support systems who always have their back. Let’s take a look at how our female leads are always encouraged to do the right thing by these supporting characters.

We’re all aware of the fun-loving, dramatic Ajji from Gattimela. While she is Vedanth’s grandmother, her fondness for Amulya’s genuine and honest character makes her go to the extent of trying to get the two to realise their love for each other. When Vedanta introduces Sahithya as the girl he is going to marry, Ajji encourages Amulya during her breakup party to tell her that nothing comes easy to anyone. If she wants to be with Vedanth, she must fight for her love. Ajji also supports Amulya when she makes Vedanth realise how much he has hurt her.


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Adithi, who is always seen having friendly fights with her sisters, is more sensible and sensitive than it seems. When Amulya decides not to tell Vedanth about her feelings, Adithi not only makes her realise that she must fight for her love but also tells her that Vedanth is in love with her too but hasn’t come to the realisation. As a third person in that situation, Adithi is able to tell her what to do and what not to.


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Gowri is a humble, caring single parent to Kamali. However, her past where she had an affair with the dean of her child’s school acts as a major deterrent. As an audience, one can find themselves in a fix between empathising for her and hating her. She initially prevents Kamali from pursuing a sport, which she says is for boys and asks her to focus on her studies. Eventually, she realises that Kamali is extraordinary in the game and encourages her to chase her goals. She serves as a friend and confidante to the protagonist.

Ramya—Jothe Jotheyali


Ramya is Anu’s best friend in Jothe Jotheyali. The two have grown up together and Ramya is one person who knows Anu in and out. When Anu comes to realise her feelings for Arya, Ramya supports her even though the society would never accept two people with such a huge age gap, being together. Even when Anu goes to meet Arya at the restaurant, Ramya helps her keeping the same a secret from her parents so that she can tell them about him at the right moment.


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Akhilandeswari is an ideal woman that everyone must aspire to be. She has single-handedly accomplished everything in her life and has built an empire for herself. However, that does not stop her from being there for her children and showing them the right path. She also respects her children’s choice about whom they wish to get married to. With regard to Paaru, she treats her like her own and is grateful and humble for everything that she has done for her family.

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