Rampaat Trailer Review: This Abhinay Berde Starrer Promises To Be A Fun-Filled Ride

Don’t miss this entertaining film, directed by Ravi Jadhav. Details inside!

Rukmini Chopra

August 7, 2019


2 min


Ravi Jadhav is a master storyteller and there’s no denying that. The filmmaker has explored various genres and helmed masterpieces such as Natrang, and Timepass among others. Ravi’s latest film Rampaat can be called his most commercial and entertaining film yet. One look at the trailer and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the director is trying his hand at a style that he hasn’t experimented with yet. But that doesn’t mean Ravi won’t impress  because trust us, Rampaat is all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment!

Watch the trailer here.

The film starring Abhinay Berde and Kashmira Pardeshi, tells the story of two youngsters Mithun and Munni who travel to Mumbai to become actors. We are then taken on a journey of how the two struggle in the big bad world that is Bollywood. A film’s tone is set by it’s trailer and going by the same, Rampaat promises to be a fun-filled ride. The video starts by introducing the characters through a hilarious commentary. It’s filled with colourful frames, dance sequences and glamour. You can be certain that this is the magnanimous Marathi film that you had been waiting for! 

Certain scenes in the trailer hold your attention especially one where Munni is offered a role in television and in the next scene, we see her playing Jai Santoshi Maa. Lol! If you’re looking for a light-hearted, joyous film, then give Rampaat a chance for sure. Check out the trailer above and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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