Rampaat Movie Review: Kushal Badrike Is The Real Star Of This Entertaining, Inspiring Film

The film is directed by Ravi Jadhav and features Abhinay Berde and Kashmira Pardeshi in lead roles. Read our review inside!

Rukmini Chopra

August 9, 2019


4 min


A small boy grows up idolising Bollywood star Mithun Chakroborty. His mannerisms, way of dressing, everything reflects his beloved ‘Mithun da’s’ charm. She’s a girl who has been brought up to follow her father’s dream of becoming a wrestler. But every pore of her body, wants to be away from the mud and in front of the camera. Meet Mithun and Munni, two aspiring actors who leave their small towns and come to the city of dreams, Mumbai. Starring Abhinay Berde and Kashmira Pardeshi, this Ravi Jadhav film goes beyond being an entertainer. It’s a tale about hope, inspiration and never giving up.

Watch the whole film here.

Most Marathi films are rustic in their treatment. But kudos to Ravi for exploring a commercial genre and excelling at it. Rampaat is the magnanimous film that you had been waiting for. In Dharmendra’s popular dialogue from Sholay, this film has it all, –“romance, drama and tragedy.” What’s unique about Rampaat is that it’s a perfect mix of fiction and reality. While we see doses of the big, and glamorous world that is Bollywood, we all see the tremendous struggle it takes for aspiring artists to make it big here. Mithun and Munni may dream about living their lives on the big-screen, but standing in the queue for hours to give an audition is a reality, they can’t escape from. Intending actors can treat this film as a guide-to-make-it-big-in- Bollywood. 

This is Kashmira’s debut and she does justice to her character. The beauty is convincing as the small-town girl Munni who is torn between chasing her own dream versus that of her father’s. Abhinay is solid as Mithun, a character who has the term ‘roadside romeo’ written all over it. The actor does justice to Mithun Da’s legacy and is charming as a rowdy kid, looking to become a star. The two also share a solid chemistry,which does justice to the narrative.

A Still From Rampaat
Source: ZEE5

But the true ‘star’ of the film in every sense, is Kushal Badrike. The actor plays a guide to Mithun and Munni in the film, where he gets them auditions and projects. His character ‘fatafat’ in truth is a failed actor, who is very much bitter about how his destiny has shaped up. But he masks it and continues to inspire the youngsters to chase their dream. Kushal shines with his vulnerability and inspiring dialogues. The actor keeps switching between staying positive and having meltdowns, and he maintains the balance brilliantly. There are several scenes where Kushal knocks it out of the park, especially the end where he reveals his past to Mithun and motivates him to never give up, no matter what. Hats off!

The glamorous appeal of Rampaat will keep you entertained throughout. The music is engaging and so are the dance numbers. Our favourite is the ‘Rampaat Rap!’ A special shout out to Ravi for the impeccable direction and putting forth a film that has all the elements perfectly in place.

Don’t miss this thoroughly entertaining film about love, hope and determination. Watch the whole film above and post your thoughts in the comments section below! For more entertainment, check out the collection of fun Marathi films on ZEE5 here.  

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