Rampaat: 7 Scenes From Ravi Jadhav’s Film That All Struggling Actors Will Relate To

Rukmini Chopra

August 13, 2019


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1. Giving a million auditions

Ravi Jadhav’s Rampaat tells the story of two youngsters Munni (Kashmira Pardeshi) and Mithun (Abhinay Berde), hailing from small towns, who move to Mumbai to become actors. The film focuses on the struggles that aspiring actors have to face and has some scenes which will be relatable to many. We start the listicle with this first scene where Munni is seen giving auditions.

Watch the whole film here.

Throughout the film, we see her and Mithun participating in several auditions, hoping to get their foot into the door by bagging some role. This is a part and parcel of an actor’s life. So before you write off an actor thinking that he or she hasn’t done much in life, do keep in mind all these auditions that he/she must have given. Of course, the story is different with star kids! *wink wink*

2. Being scolded by parents for chasing your dreams

Becoming doctors, engineers, IAS officers etc., are textbook dreams that parents expect their children to chase. Hence them wanting to become actors is a rude shock, most have trouble dealing with. Same is the case with Munni, who dreams of shining on the silver screen. But her father wants her to taste the mud and become a successful wrestler. 

3. Standing in the line for hours

When it comes to auditions, struggling actors have to stand in line for hours, which has been depicted in Rampaat.

4. Being asked to compromise

Casting couch is a sad reality in the entertainment industry. Most aspiring actors are asked to compromise in order to climb up the ladder. In this scene, Munni is told the same by a man, but she threatens him to back off, adding that she won’t take that route to make it big in life.

5. Being scammed

With millions of youngsters wanting to make it big in films, there are bound to be scamsters who take advantage of their innocence. Such is the case with Munni and Mithun in the film, who come across a duo that promises to make them stars. But soon, they realise that they are a victim of a fraud, like many others.

6. Having meltdowns

The struggle to become a successful actor is long and hard. Hence there are bound to be meltdowns like the one Mithun has in the film, after he gets rejected by several casting directors. 

7. Taking up random roles to pay the bills

Sometimes we see our favourite stars playing the most random and unsuitable roles, and wonder what went wrong. But Rampaat helps bring in perspective where we learn that actors sometimes have to take up certain projects, to simply pay the bills. It’s not easy out there!

Watch Rampaat above and tell us which actor/ actress you admire the most in the comments section below! For more entertainment, check out the collection of fun Marathi films on ZEE5 here.  

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