Rama And Pratap’s Saajana Completes 200 Episodes!

Rama and Pratap’s love story has stood the test of time. And now it’s time to celebrate!

Manjiri Shete

December 5, 2019


2 min


 Saajana has redefined love for the audiences of all age groups, and that’s a factor that makes the show so unique. Rama and Pratap showed us that love can transcend all boundaries if there is enough faith and trust. The lead actors of the show, who are shown to hail from different backgrounds, have motivated today’s generation with their passionate love story. So, today as Rama and Pratap’s love completes 200 episodes in Saajana, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate the couple.

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

The serial caught our attention for its striking similarities to the legendary movie, Sairat. Rama and Pratap established their own uniqueness in the show, which stays with the audience until today. Through this journey of 200 episodes, there were quite a few roadblocks that Rama and Pratap tackled on the way. But, their trust in each other never wavered. They stand as an example of today’s young generation because the main fundamental of Rama and Pratap’s relationship is to be with each other, through thick and thin. 

Currently, on the show, Pratap is striving hard to meet the needs of his family. Their assets were confiscated after his father Raosaheb, was caught in a money-laundering scandal. During this troubled time, Rama has stepped up and, even with her limited resources,  is proving to be strong support for Pratap. Simultaneously, Rama’s family has taken in Pratap’s mother and sister, who have nowhere to go. We can’t wait to see both these families uplift themselves in Raosaheb’s absence!

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