Rakulpreet Brings Back All The Childhood Memories With One Video. Watch Here

Sneha Bale

May 5, 2020


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Rakulpreet Singh is no less than a ball of joy, even in the tough times of coronavirus. As we all continue to wonder how to get through the third phase of the nation-wide lockdown, Rakulpreet is here to save the day. No, this time we aren’t telling you to follow her workout guidelines. This time, she has something more interesting for us, in-store. Check it out.

Watch her in the film Pandaga Chesko here:

Who does not like games? There is a good chance that we stopped playing them because we all “grew too old”. If that’s the case with you, too, take a moment to be grateful for the lockdown. With no work piling up on the desks, it is a great time to rekindle your childhood. Rakulpreet shows us a few games that can truly take a few hours of your time.

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Let’s start with the good old ‘dog and the bone’. You only need two people and we all know a little cheating takes you a long way ahead. Next, try Kabbadi. What’s best about it is – you can start chanting Kabbadi at any time and make it a game. If your opponent does not abide by the game, you get the points. Hurray for that, don’t you agree? Finally, you can play the ‘Chidiya Udi’ game with everyone in the house.

These games are simple and do not require any special set of coins, boards or places to make the most of it. So, get going and relive your childhood.

We’ve got more things that will make your lockdown phase three bearable.

Check it out here. Don’t forget to watch ZEE5’s latest Telugu film, AmruthaRamam.

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