Rakhi Special: Heart-Warming And Real Stories That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Sneha Bale

August 7, 2019


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The Little Joys


Raksha Bandhan is the one day in a year when one of the most underrated relationships gets its due. Brothers and sisters play many roles for each other throughout their lives, but it is rare for anyone to acknowledge or appreciate it. As we inch closer to the sacred day of the siblings, we asked a few of our friends to share their fondest memory or their most favourite thing about the festival. And here’s what they had to say.

Balaji Chilvery happens to be among the youngest of siblings, but has almost 10 younger cousins. When asked to share his favourite thing, he says: “Happiness on my sisters’ face when they receive our gifts and the look on their faces when us brothers bow down to touch their feet.”

All About The Rituals


A fashion writer and a true-blue party star, Kritika Mehra shared her most loved thing about Raksha Bandhan and here’s what she had to say. “Waking up to some phirni and sevaiyaan. The sweet start followed by a big-fat family get-together at lunch, meeting all my cousins and relatives… The imminent fight with my brothers for the gifts with the constant teasing and petty fights, of course.
We also have a ritual to go for a drive and get kaju milkshake from a juice centre we’ve been going to since we were kids. Just the little things, looking forward to this, this year too.”

The ‘One Last Time’


Aditya Jilka is usually busy running around the sets of reality TV shows. But staying at home on Raksha Bandhan is a must-do for him. Read his adorable note and fondest memory of the festival: “My sister is four years elder to me and my Raksha Bandhan is special because it’s different. In our case, my sister gifts me something on Raksha Bandhan too. Ever since we were kids, we have been surprising each other with little gifts that we bought by saving our pocket money. Another reason is, I tie a rakhi on her and we promise to be there no matter what and protect each other. My sister is getting married this year and this will be her last rakhi at our home. I’ve never told her this, but I love her and I will protect her like she has been protecting me all my life.”

Looking Back With Love


While being lost either globe-trotting or fetching international permits for travel documentaries, Krupa Dhruv left behind her big-fat Indian family to achieve her big dreams. As she reminisced over the Raksha Bandhan memories, here’s what she shared with us. “It’s been almost five years since I went home for Raksha Bandhan. Ours is a joint family and on this day, more relatives would join us. So about eight to 10 brothers would sit in a line and four of us sisters would move in a line, tying rakhis on them. It was the stupid things that we did, like dragging the tilak all the way to their nose tips and tying the rakhi unnecessarily tight. Getting gifts and money from our uncles and dad was another amazing thing because our brothers did not earn back then.”

Bragging And Boasting


A photographer by profession, Ashish Deurkar is busy capturing memories. We asked him to share his favourite memory about the festival and we must admit, his approach to the day is different and hilarious. He says: “Around the whole year, I am busy… protecting my sister, taking her places and looking out for her in every possible way. Because that’s what I as a brother must be doing. But it’s on Raksha Bandhan that I truly boast about all that I have done… That’s my moment.”

More Than Blood Relationship


Sometimes you go out and make your own family, for your own happiness. That’s the case with Drashti Shah, who found a rakhi-brother in her classmate and best friend Shubham. An avid believer of miracles and god’s love, Drashti shares: “My brother is one of the most precious gifts sent by god for me.”

The Funniest Comparison


A man of few words and more frames, Siddharth Sai sums up his Raksha Bandhan in the shortest and the sweet sentence. He says: “Well, I have bought more chocolates on Raksha Bandhan than on Valentine’s day. I’m sure that’s enough to say a lot.” We totally think so!

Being Unique


Handling an entire team of young talent, Amrita Jagtap passes on her views about the festival that we so merrily look forward to. She says: “I don’t do Raksha Bandhan at all. I actually tie a rakhi to my father because he is my protector. But the thread is not important, the promise is. These rakhis are not eco-friendly anyway. You could just tie a normal thread and it would still mean the same.”

We appreciate new thoughts and new ways of looking at life. You could, too, share your stories in the comments below. Check out more entertainment on ZEE5.

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