Raja Hindustani Turns 23: 10 Facts About Aamir Khan, Karisma Kapoor’s 1996 Romantic Film

Aayushi Sharma

November 15, 2019


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1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was offered the female lead

Raja Hindustani is hands down one of the most romantic sagas Bollywood has ever told. The 1996 classic film stars Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor in the lead with Suresh Oberoi, Johnny Lever, and others in the supporting cast. Now, we ain’t trying to make you feel old, but this blockbuster completes 23 years on 15 November 2019. We bet you have watched this utter mush fest at least a dozen (you can’t sit with us if you haven’t), however, you might not know these interesting facts about the flick.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was offered the female lead in Raja Hindustani. However, the actress wasn’t looking at a career in acting then and thus, gave it a pass. Imagine Aishwarya saying, “Raja, tum pagal ho pagal!”

2. Aamir and Karisma's lip-lock one of the longest in Bollywood movies

Aamir and Karisma kissing under a tree during heavy rainfall is one of the iconic scenes from the film, and for a reason.

3. Aamir won his first Filmfare for Raja Hindustani

Before Raja Hindustani, he was nominated eight times in a row for the Best Actor Award but guess it all happens in good time!

4. Juhi Chawla was offered Raja Hindustani

Juhi Chawla and Aamir Khan’s pairing in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak was a massive hit. However, the actress turned down Raja Hindustani due to her issues with Aamir.

5. Pooja Bhatt was nearly signed for Raja Hindustani

Aamir has always abstained from repeating his heroines in films. Even during Raja Hindustani, he wanted to work with an actress he hadn’t collaborated with earlier. Thus, director Dharmesh Darshan had to take Karisma instead of Pooja Bhatt.

6. Raja Hindustani has a V for Vendetta connection

The song ‘Pardesi Pardesi’ was sampled from the BKAB, one of the songs from the soundtrack of V for Vendetta.

7. Raja Hindustani was initially 4 hours long

Yes, the first cut of Raja Hindustani was 4 hours 25 minutes long. Thank God for editing!

8. Aamir had turned down Raja Hindustani

If not for Dharmesh Darshan’s persuasion, Aamir wouldn’t have done the film. Can we imagine any other actor mouthing, “You come come, Memsaab!” Heck, no!

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9. 'Kitna Pyara Tujhe' sampled from 'Kinha Sona'

The song ‘Kitna Pyara Tujhe’ has been sampled from Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Kinha Sona.’ Which version do you prefer – the film or the album?

10. Raja Hindustani has a Dhadkan connection

Raja Hindustani and Dhadkan both were directed by Dharmesh Darshan. The theme used during Aamir and Karisma’s kissing scene in the 1996 film was used in Dhadkan’s title song ‘Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan’ again. Did you ever notice that before?

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