Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Jukebox: 5 Songs You Can Listen To Anytime And Anywhere

Sneha Bale

January 12, 2020


1 min

1. Raja Cheyyi Vesthe

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe starring Nara Rohit, Isha Talwar, Taraka Ratna and Srinivas Avasarala has everything you want. It has drama, comedy, romance, revenge, action, dance and some good music. Whenever you are unable to decide which playlist should be the one for the day, tune to Raja Cheyyi Vesthe.

Raja Cheyyi Vesthethe title track comes towards the end of the first half of the film. But you can start with this song that will definitely give you an additional boost to start hustling. With its upbeat score, you are sure to get your feet tapping.

2. Yevare Nee Premaku

It doesn’t matter if you are in love or heartbroken or waiting for someone’s approval. The song Yevare Nee Premaku is a feel-good song that can make you smile at any time of the day. Sung by Sai Charan and Hema Chandra, Yevare Nee Premaku, is laced with lyrics that will make you feel wanted and loved.

3. Neethone

Do you find yourself wondering about the purpose of life? Are you unable to find your way? If so, then Neethone can be your solution. The song is sung by Sai Charan and Sai Kartheek. The song begins when Raja, the hero, tries to help a random person who is unable to live his life to the fullest. This might motivate you, too.

4. Chudara Itu Chudara

Need the perfect song to dance at a wedding? Think no more. It is Chudara Itu Chudara. The song is penned by Subbaraya Sharma and is the tale of every couple in love, unconditionally. The chorus of this song is sung by kids and this makes the song even better. Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to rock.

5. Chinnari Thalli

Chinnari Thalli is a lullaby sung by Shruthi and is penned by Dr Venigalla Rambabu. When listening to the song during the film, you are sure to get carried away with the emotions and cry, maybe just a little. On the days you are feeling low, listen to this song as you prepare to fall asleep. Or sing the song to your little ones.

Listen to the amazing songs or watch the entire film, Raja Cheyyi Vesthe on ZEE5.

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