Radha Kalyana 9 September 2019 Episode Written Update: Prasad Tries To End His Life

Parinika Uchil

September 9, 2019

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In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, upon Kaushalya’s request, Radha promises to stay with Krishna after the death-anniversary poojas are over. With much reluctance, she agrees. While in the car, Radha annoys Krishna about the coin that he has in his possession to get a closer look at it. However, Krishna, who wants to be alone, drops Radha off to her house and leaves. Kanthamma, on the other hand, prepares for a well-deserving punishment for Radha for disobeying her. In the end, Vajramuni arrives at Radha’s house with a legal document which states that he will clear all the debts of the house if she marries him.

On tonight’s episode, Tulasi and Radha are shocked when Vajramuni gives them the condition that Radha has to marry him. Kanthamma, on the other hand, is thrilled and threatens Tulasi to make Radha sign on the papers at any cost. Saying this she, Vajramuni and Likitha go into the house. Radha and Tulasi soon express to each other how much they miss Prasad.

Radha’s father, meanwhile, calls up his insurance company and confirms if his nominee has been changed to Radha and is delighted to hear the positive news. Just then Radha calls him up to check up on how he is and if he has got any job. To this Prasad tells her that from here onwards everything will be fine in their lives so she doesn’t have to worry. When she asks about how to contact him, he replies by saying that news about him will be out soon.

Meanwhile, Krishna, who is driving and staring at the coin at the same time, accidentally drops it. He then bends down to retrieve and takes his eyes off the road. Prasad soon comes in Krishna’s way but he manages to avoid an accident. However, Prasad, who continues to walk on the main road, is soon brutally hit by a car approaching at a great speed.

Krishna jumps out of the car and rushes to save Prasad. While he doesn’t recognise Prasad, he still takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Tulasi asks Radha to take a bath from the well behind so that Vajramuni doesn’t see her. Inside the house, Vajramuni and Kanthamma come to an agreement about the money transactions will take place after Radha agrees to the marriage.

Later, much to Kanthamma’s annoyance, the boiling water she had kept for Radha accidentally finds her hands, which are already burned from the hot coffee she spilt on her hand. In the end, Krishna asks the doctor about Prasad’s health and finds out that Prasad has drifted into a coma due to the accident.

How will Radha find her father? Will Krishna recognise Prasad eventually? Stay tuned to find out.

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