Radha Kalyana 7 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Radha Is Hired As Krishna’s Secretary

Parinika Uchil

August 8, 2019

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Previously on Radha Kalyana, Kaushalya is shocked when Radha comes as Nisha’s witness. Aparna Devi, to avoid any more troubles from Radha, tries to bribe her with twenty-five lakh rupees but she rejects it. Soon, Nisha brings some ladies from a women-rights organisation, who protest, causing a lot of commotion in the Gokula house. This commotion startles Krish, who gets irritated and to see what’s happening. He gets furious and storms down to scream at her. In order to avoid any more discrepancies, Radha soon apologises to Nisha and is about to leave when she overhears the latter misinforming everyone about her marriage. In the end, she not only saves Krish from getting a bad name but is also offered a job which she rejects.

On tonight’s episode, the don from whom Kanthamma took a loan, sends his goons to Radha’s house at night with a warning. Kanthamma gets upset with Radha after they leave for having rejected the job. She then continues to emotionally blackmail Radha, till she finally agrees to do the job at the Gokula mansion. Almost the whole night, Radha sits in front of her Lord Rama and prays sincerely. The next day, while Krishna is explaining about his ideal secretary to Aparna, Radha arrives at the Gokula house. Nakshatra, who is on a call at the time spots her and asks her to halt outside the main door.

A Still Of Radha And Nakshatra
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As she is trying to get Radha kicked out, Anand arrives there and invites the latter in. Krishna and Aparna look towards the when Anand calls out to Kaushalya, and the former is furious to see Radha. He storms to where she is standing and thoroughly scolds her before Kaushalya interferes. She then probes into Radha’s reason for coming to their house and is delighted to learn that the former is ready to work as Krish’s secretary. Despite many attempts to get Radha kicked out, Krishna fails to convince his mother that she is taking the wrong decision.

A Still Of Radha
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Soon, Radha reveals the truth about the loan Kanthamma took from a don and then asks for some advance too. Kaushalya has nothing but praise for Radha and defends her against accusation hurled by Nakshatra, Krish and Aparna. The appointment letter is prepared and brought out by this time and Radha signs it right in front of Krish, much to his chagrin. After Krishna storms of in a huff, an irate Aparna Devi warns Radha that from now on she won’t be working in his office, she will have to do everything Krish does in his high-profile life. She also tells her that should she dare to stand in his way, the only person who will get hurt is Radha herself.

What does Aparna Devi mean by this? How will Radha successfully do this job? Let’s stay tuned till tomorrow’s episode to find out.

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