Radha Kalyana 6 September 2019 Episode Written Update: A Deadly Punishment Awaits Radha

Parinika Uchil

September 6, 2019

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In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, despite his pleas and requests to his father, even though crows come to the offering kept for them, they leave without touching the pindas (savoury balls offered to crows during the death-anniversary pooja of someone). Soon the priest excuses himself and heads to another ceremony similar to that of the Gokula family. And it turns out to be none other than Radha’s thatha’s pooja. Later, when Kanthamma tries to stop Radha from doing what she planned out to do, Anand arrives there and wonders if theirs is the family who faced misfortune at the hands of the Gokula family. However, when Kaushalya comes to enquire, Kanthamma gives her a fake story that Radha’s grandfather died because of her mistake.

On tonight’s episode, as Radha goes to pick up the photo of her grandfather that has fallen on the ground, Kanthamma excuses herself and takes permission from Kaushalya to leave. Radha is then requested by Kaushalya to stay with Krishna since it was the first time he ever came to do his father’s death-anniversary pooja. She also informs Radha to be cautious with her son as he is very disturbed that the pooja wasn’t successful. After much deliberation, Tulasi herself asks Radha to go with Krisha, much to Kaushalya’s relief.

An Irritated Still Of Krishna And Radha
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Radha soon finds Krishna and much to his annoyance sits in the car next to him. In an effort of cheering him up with Radha tries to make small talk, Krishna gets furious and asks her to get out of the car. She rejects this idea and tries to play dumb for a while but Krishna gets irritated with that too. To teach her a lesson for not getting down, he speeds the car until the point that a scared Radha tells him that lives have gone because of overspeeding. He stops the car immediately and pulls out the coin he had for from the girl in his childhood and looks at it.

A Still Of Krishna And Radha
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A curious Radha tries her best to get a close look at the object that has brought a change in her boss but fails. When she asks him to show it to her, he is enraged and tells her never to mention such a thing to him ever. Soon enough, Krishna forcefully drops Radha to her house, to spend some alone time and asks her to tell Aparna that his schedule was cleared for the day. Just as she turns towards her house, Radha gets worried about what sort of punishment is awaiting her at home because she disobeyed Kanthamma’s orders.

A Still Of Likitha And Kanthamma
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At home, Kanthamma demonstrates to Likitha how she plans to burn each part of Radha’s body with hot water mixed with salt. So when Radha arrives, Kanthamma screams at her and asks her to talk a bath with that water before entering the house. Krishna, on the other hand, curses Radha and speaks to the coin stating that the girl who gave it to him is the one for him. He also asks God to protect the girl from any harm at all costs. Back at home, just as Radha is about to put the hot water over her head, Vajramuni arrives there.

A Still Of Tulasi
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Tulasi tries to tell him to go away but he gets irritated and starts revealing about the money Kanthamma took for his entry into the house. She interrupts him and warns Tulasi that it is her house and who stays or goes is her choice. Finally, Vajramuni gets to the point and informs everyone that he is ready to clear all of Radha’s loans if she agrees to marry him.

How is Radha going to avoid this situation? What lies ahead in Radha’s fate? To know the answers to these questions, you’ll have to wait till Monday. Stay tuned.

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