Radha Kalyana 5 September 2019 Episode Written Update: Radha Completes Her Thatha’s Pooja

Parinika Uchil

September 5, 2019

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In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, much to everyone’s shock and surprise, Krishna lands up at the spot where his father’s death-anniversary pooja is going on. Meanwhile, Radha, who gets permission from her boss to leave early for the day, reaches another side of the temple and is shocked to see Kanthamma and Likitha there. Krishna completes all the necessary rituals before being asked to leave the offering savoury balls near a closeby tree so that the crows may get it. Upon learning the significance of this ritual, Krishna goes to the tree and prays to his father to accept the offering.

On tonight’s episode, after a lot of prayers and apologies, three crows miraculously appear and approach the food. Kaushalya and Aparna thank the Gods for forgiving them but their happiness is short-lived. Much to Krishna’s sorrow, the birds fly away without even touching the food. While Kaushalya and Aparna sulk at this sight, the priest who was performing the pooja excuses himself to go to another location for another similar pooja.

A Still From The Show Radha Kalyana
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Radha and Tulasi, who are desperately awaiting the priest (the same priest who did the pooja for the Gokula family) finally spot him and request him to do the pooja as soon as possible. Likitha, who sees this from a distance, immediately informs her ‘appamma’ about what Radha and Tulasi are doing behind their back. Kanthamma furiously goes to both of them and stops the pooja in the middle. When Radha back answers her for not letting her and her mother live in peace, Kanthamma is enraged and asks where the money to perform the pooja came from.

A Still Of Kaushalya, Anand And Their Lawyer
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During this time, Kaushalya and Anand, who are sad about the grave unauspicious things that have befallen them since the accident, learn from their family lawyer that the ‘dakshina’ of one priest is still remaining. Annoyed with his lawyer, Anand decides to go look for the priest. As Kanthamma is screaming at Radha and is about to ruin the pooja for her, Likitha spots Anand at a distance. She immediately asks her grandmother to calm down.

When Anand Interrupts Kanthamma Scolding Radha
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They pretend to be extremely nice to Radha and Tulasi in front of Anand, who pays off the ‘dakshina’ to the priest and also gives Radha’s share too. Soon, Anand wonders if it is was Radha’s family that was the one who suffered at the hands of the Gokula family and rushes to tell the same to his mother. Thankfully due to this confusion, Radha and Tulasi find time to complete the pooja. Elsewhere, Kaushalya talks to her family priest and asks if they will ever be able to live happily if they don’t correct their mistakes.

A Still Of The Gokula Family Priest
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To this, the priest assures her that things are changing for the better and the first sign was the arrival of Krishna to do the pooja (something he has never done before). Later, when Anand tells Kaushalya about his intuitions she immediately asks to go and see Radha. However, Kanthamma gets in the way and gives her a fake story that it is was her who hit and accidentally killed Radha’s grandfather, so they have taken the mother-daughter in as a way to repent for what they did.

Will Kaushalya uncover Radha’s truth? What is the punishment awaiting Radha for disobeying Kanthamma? Stay tuned to find out.

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