Radha Kalyana 31 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Krishna Has Some Disturbing Flashbacks

Parinika Uchil

July 31, 2019

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In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Nandini and Radha go to Shri Krishna’s house for the decorations and are shocked to see him at home. Somehow without being seen, when Radha begins work she gets scared and decides to come back with Nandini after Krishna leaves, to do the decoration. Kanthamma and Likitha, who are waiting at the temple for Anand, are annoyed to see Radha with her dance students there soon afterwards. As she is explaining to her students about Ravana, an accomplice of Kanthamma names Vajramuni arrives there and falls for Radha the instant he sees her. He then pays off Kanthamma to take her with him. Elsewhere, as Krishna is about to leave the house, Kaushalya screams out to Anand making the former stop in his tracks.

On tonight’s episode, Kaushalya furiously tells Anand to tell Krishna that if he steps outside the house before doing the pooja, he will have to see her dead body. Krishna, who is shocked to hear this, returns and tells Anand to tell his mother that she doesn’t have to be so dramatic. He also agrees to stay till the pooja is over, much to Kaushalya’s relief. Elsewhere, Vajramuni enters Prasad’s house forcibly, followed by Kanthamma, Likitha and then finally Radha. Upon learning that he has come to get married to Radha, Prasad and Tulasi oppose it immediately. Kanthamma, on the other hand, decides to make full use of this situation and hitch Radha and Vajramuni to make some money for herself. At home, Shri Krishna learns how to tie a panche on his own by watching an online video.

A Still Of Tulasi Lost In Thought
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During this time, Tulasi, who is lost in deep thought, doesn’t realise that while heating the milk her saree has caught fire. A shocked Radha comes rushing in and brings her mother back from her thoughts. Helpless, Tulasi apologises to her daughter for not being able to do better for her. Further, Tulasi warns Radha never to accept a proposal that she is against. However, Radha consoles her mother not to worry and that everything will be alright. At Krishna’s house, he goes and sits at the pooja altar and the rituals begin. Shortly afterwards, Krishna learns that he has to keep a fast the whole day and gets annoyed. He is further irritated when he accidentally recollects Radha’s words that keep a fast will make him feel good about himself too. He soon announces that he is ready for the challenge, even though no one is ready to believe him.

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The pooja continues as the priest then begins telling everyone a story of the Gods. Krishna, who gets bored really soon, is almost about to doze off when the priest claims to be done with the story. After the priest reminds Krishna about his childhood, the latter gets disturbed by sudden flashes from his childhood. When Kaushalya and Aparna look at him they recognise what is happening and the former screams out Anand’s name. Shri Krishna snaps back out of his flashback and into the present. In the end, as the priest expresses impatience that the ‘gajamala’ is missing, Radha arrives there.

Will Krishna see her? What is Kaushalya and Aparna hiding? Stay tuned to the next update to find out.

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