Radha Kalyana 30 July 2019 Episode Written Update: A Real Ravana Has Entered Radha’s Life

Parinika Uchil

July 30, 2019

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In the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Kanthamma’s money-loaning habit gets Radha and her parents into trouble. A don from whom Kanthamma took the money from in the name of Prasad, threatens him with his life. When Radha promises to pay back every penny, the don gives her 15 days to do it. Later, just as she worrying about what to do about the money, Kaushalya places an order for flower decorations in her house and asks Radha to come over. In the end, Krishna who is also present at home sees a glimpse of Radha on his laptop screen.

On tonight’s episode, Krishna spots Radha’s reflection on the laptop and immediately recollects her slap. In anger when he turns, Radha somehow conceals herself. Soon, Kaushalya sends them upstairs to start the decoration for the pooja. Shri Krishna tells Aparna that he has stayed back for her today but henceforth he won’t do so at any cost. A while later, Radha accidentally drops a rose into Krishna’s glass of juice causing him to almost look up and see her. This gets Radha worried and she decides to come back later for the decorations. Elsewhere, Kanthamma and Likitha wait outside the temple to meet with Anand just as Radha arrives there with her dance students. Much to her dislike, Kanthamma asks Likitha to look away from her as she claims that Radha is a bad omen for them.

A Still From Radha Kalyana
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When one of Radha’s students accidentally assumes that Kanthamma is a beggar and gives her money, she creates a huge scene and insults Radha. While she quietly takes them inside, Anand arrives at the temple and spots Kanthamma and Likitha. He then takes help from an old man by carrying his grain sack into the temple. As soon as he makes it in, Likitha notices his car parked outside the temple. Inside, Radha meets Anand and asks him the reason for his stress. Without giving a straight answer Anand somehow escapes from all the ladies and goes to find the priest. Outside, Kanthamma tells her granddaughter that Anand must have slipped in without their notice on purpose. They then go inside to investigate. By this time, Anand convinces the priest to leave with him immediately.

A Still Of Vajramuni Scaring Radha And Her Students
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Shortly afterwards, as Radha is explaining to her students about the story of Ram and Ravana, the real villain of her life makes an entry in the form of a man named Vajramuni. Radha, who gets upset with him for scaring her students, takes them away. Vajramuni, however, is smitten by Radha and speaks to Kanthamma to help him have her. So when he gives her his gold chain as a token, Kanthamma asks Radha to go with him in front of her students. At the Gokula mansion, Shri Krishna prepares to leave just after Anand brings the priest home. Just as he is stepping foot out of the house, an irate Kaushalya screams out to Anand causing everyone to be taken aback.

Is Kaushalya about to give an ultimatum to Krishna, Who is Vajramuni? Stay tuned to the next update to find out.

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