Radha Kalyana 26 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Radha Slaps Krishna For Insulting Her

Parinika Uchil

July 26, 2019

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On the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Kanthamma and Likitha run behind Krishna’s car after spotting Radha but she pretends not to know them causing the former to get really angry. Radha starts decorating the place that Krishna has selected to surprise his guest while Kanthamma creates a huge ruckus at home about her step-granddaughter’s character.  Back at the client location, when Radha expresses her wish to leave, Krishna prevents that by distracting her into a conversation. Later, Radha is dumbfounded to see Shri Krishna on his knees, proposing to her with a bouquet of flowers.

On tonight’s episode, Radha realises that everything that Krishna did including the proposal was a joke when his friends come into the house laughing. To top this insult, Krish further tries to pay off Radha for hanging out with him for a whole day. Unable to bear this insult, Radha flings the money in front of him and slaps him across the face really hard. While he is still dealing with the shock of the slap, Radha scolds him some more and storms off in anger. At home, Kanthamma who is waiting for Radha’s return stops her at the doorstep itself and starts questioning about her whereabouts. When she speaks ill of her character Radha speaks up to her step-grandmother.

A Still Of Kanthamma, Prasad And Tulasi
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Kanthamma, who feels insulted upon being spoken back to, decides to punish her severely and goes to the kitchen to heat up a ladle. Despite many attempts from Prasad and Tulasi to make her stop this madness, Kanthamma goes to the hall and threatens to burn Radha. Her anger then shifts from Radha to Tulasi. Upon hearing some really bad things against her mother, Radha purposely holds the heated up ladle to prove to Kanthamma that she isn’t scared. In a scuffle, the ladle falls down, so an upset Radha tells Kanthamma to heat up another ladle as her other hand is still fine. Furious, Kanthamma slaps Radha hard across the face for talking back to her yet again.

A Still Of Shri Krishna
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Elsewhere, Aparna Devi and Anand get scared when Krishna stands in the rain outside their house, unable to bear the insult that Radha caused. Likitha, on the other hand, is shocked to know that Kanthamma knew that Radha was innocent in all of this, but she taught her a lesson only to put her in her rightful place. Back at home, Aparna Devi insists Krishna eat food and then tell her about what exactly happened. With much reluctance, Krishna tells her that for the first time in his life he was insulted because of a girl. He then plans to teach Radha a lesson for what she did. Later at night, goons forcibly enter Radha’s house and abduct her and her family.

What will Radha do now? Will Krishna let Radha suffer? Stay tuned to Monday’s episode to find out.

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