Radha Kalyana 25 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Shri Krishna Proposes To Radha

On this episode, Radha goes to Shri Krishna’s guest location and sets up everything. Kanthamma and Likitha accuses Radha of having illicit affairs!

Parinika Uchil

July 25, 2019

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On the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Shri Krishna pretends to be a really great guy by taking Radha to deliver bouquets at a temple and a dance school. He does it so well, that Radha actually starts to believe that he may be a good person after all. Soon, Kanthamma and Likitha go and wait outside the Gokula mansion to see if they can somehow get a chance to meet Anand. However, the security guard asks them to leave, Just then, Krishna brings Radha home. His mother Kaushalya gets upset with the fact that he has selected a secretary all by himself. However, when she sees Radha, she is very delighted to know that such a wonderful girl will be her son’s secretary. As Radha is leaving, Krishna tells her that her job of delivering bouquets is still not over. As they are leaving Likitha spots Radha in the car and tells Kanthamma immediately.

On tonight’s episode, Kanthamma and Likitha run after the car in which the latter spotted Radha but to no avail. Kanthamma then decides to take Radha’s case when she comes home later. In the car, Krishna asks Radha about what happened to her all of a sudden as she looks a little worried. Soon, they start talking about happiness and Radha asks him to try fasting for once, to know what it is like to be really happy. She then confesses that he is not as bad as she had thought he would be. In the evening, they reach the location and he asks Radha to bring the bouquets inside, much to her reluctance. Once both of them are inside, he instructs her to take some Fevicol and start painting on the way he directs her to. Radha does as he says.

A Still Of Shri Krishna And Radha
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When she takes the petals to the glue, Krishna switches on table fan causing the petals to fly and stick on the wall on their own. Radha is surprised to see her own name on the wall and probes further. He explains to her that the guest’s name he is waiting for is the combination of his and her name. After much thought, she believes him. Elsewhere, Kanthamma and Likitha reach home to find Prasad in tears. Kanthamma assumes that Tulasi is finally dead and starts crying when Prasad asks her not to be so childish. Likitha realises that the reason why he is crying is because of cutting onions. Kanthamma creates a ruckus about this too and curses her son for becoming his wife’s puppet.

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When Tulasi comes out of her room, Kanthamma insults her and Radha by saying that the former has no control of her daughter who is loitering around with rich guys. This shocks Tulasi and upsets Prasad. Back at the location, Radha waits for the guest who doesn’t seem to show up and gets impatient. Shri Krishna tries to offer her a cold drink but she politely refuses and asks about when his friend is going get there. To avoid the topic, Krishna tells Radha that his friend is just like her. Upon hearing this, Radha quickly deciphers that his friend is not a guy and must be named Radhika, not Radhakrishna.

A Still Of Krishna And A Confused Radha
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He reveals to her that he has been trying to say something to this Radhika person from a long time and it could as well be love. Further, he asks Radha to pretend to be Radhika so that he can practise his proposal. In the end, Radha is shocked to see Shri Krishna going on his knees and proposing to her.

What will Radha do now? Will she accept Krishna’s proposal or will she turn him down yet again? Stay tuned to find out.

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