Radha Kalyana 24 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Krishna Plans To Hire Radha As His PA

Parinika Uchil

July 24, 2019

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On the previous episode of Radha Kalyana, Kanthamma takes away Radha’s savings and punishes her for disobedience. However, another big order from a client’s gives Radha some relief as she gives the advance of the order to her father for Tulasi’s treatment. Soon, she is shocked to realise that Krishna is the one who placed this order. After a lot of thinking and arguing with him, Krishna tells her to return the advance if she doesn’t want to work for him. Helpless, Radha continues this journey with her nemesis.

On tonight’s episode, Radha gets scared when Shri Krishna speeds, but much to her relief he later slows down the speed and stops in front of a temple. A surprised Radha follows him inside with a bouquet. The way Shri Krishna speaks to the priest, Radha cannot believe her eyes. Finally, it is established that the priest is a fake and was hired by Shri Krishna to pretend to be a holy man. Similarly, they go to a dance school next, where the teacher pretends to be indebted to Shri Krishna and his family for helping children from all over, learn dance for free. Radha is once again asked to give the dance teacher the bouquet.

A Still Of Radha And Shri Krishna From Radha Kalyana
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On their way back, two bikers mock Krishna for being so slow, causing Radha to give him some leeway of driving slightly faster. They both share a romantic moment when he proceeds to put the seat belt around her. Soon, Aparna calls him to ask his whereabouts. Following this, his friends call him to check if the challenge they put to him is still on. While Radha watches him suspiciously, he informs them that he has never lost a bet. Elsewhere, Kanthamma and Likitha wait outside the Gokula mansion for Anand but fail to get any information from the security guard. By this time, Shri Krishna and Radha reach his house.

A Still Of Radha (Left) And Kaushalya (Right)
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He then asks her to bring the best bouquet of the lot and come inside. Kaushalya, on the other hand, gets worried when she learns that without asking her Krishna has selected a secretary. Krishna enters the house just then and hugs his favourite woman in the world, Aparna Devi. However, when he introduces Radha to everyone as his secretary, Kaushalya heaves a sigh of relief. She then invites Radha for a pooja soon. Once she hands over the bouquet, Radha takes a leave, much to Kaushalya’s disappointment. Outside, Kanthamma and Likitha continue to wait for Anand and start getting irritated in the heat. In the end, Krishna reminds Radha that her job is still not over. As she is leaving with him in the car, Likitha spots her and shockingly informs Kanthamma too. Radha is shocked to them running after the car.

Will Kanthamma punish Radha for this? How will Kaushalya manage to bring Radha into her house? Stay tuned for the next update to find out.

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