Qurbaan Hua 10 March 2020 Written Update: Dr Baig Is Blamed For Saraswati’s Death!

In Qurbaan Hua, Saraswati passes away and Alekh blames Dr Baig for it. He brings a mob of Hindu fanatics to beat him to a pulp.


March 11, 2020


4 min


In the previous episode, Saraswati decides to tell Vyaasji the truth about Alekh and his character. She also wants everyone to know about his affair with cousin Naveli. However, before Saraswati can reach the temple, Alekh catches up on her. He then pushes her from a bridge and tries to kill her. She doesn’t die immediately when Alekh comes up with a new idea to pin the blame on someone else. He takes Saraswati to Dr Baig’s clinic and asks him to treat her.

Tonight, Chahat informs Dr Baig that Saraswati has recently undergone some trauma. He decides to confront Alekh about the same and find out what really happened. Neel goes to the temple as he realises that it’s Mahashivratri and Saraswati is probably there. As Dr Baig speaks to Alekh about Saraswati’s condition, he starts defending how she was fine when he brought her over. Dr Baig rejects his theory and says that there is definitely some trauma that she has undergone because she was completely fine two days ago.

Meanwhile, Chahat notices that Saraswati has flat-lined and starts resuscitating her. Neel reaches the temple and starts asking for Saraswati. Vyaasji and Godavari both don’t understand the seriousness in Neel’s voice. Chahat tries to make Saraswati tell her what exactly happened to her. Outside, some Hindu pandits also arrive and start attacking Dr Baig on Alekh’s fake story. Before things get dire, Chahat takes Dr Baig inside and they realise that they will have to get a C-section done. Alekh and Naveli continue with their rant on a doctor from another religion of doing his job properly.

Qurbaan Hua 2
Qurbaan Hua

Dr Baig tries to bring back Saraswati’s vitals while the other Hindu fanatics try to break the door. He finally opens the door and states that Saraswati’s condition is not stable. However, they push Dr Baig from the door and enter the operation theatre. Saraswati is weak and unable to defend herself while Alekh and Naveli put up a show. The other pandits ask her who did this to her and she points at Alekh. But since Dr Baig is standing right next to him, the blame is immediately put on the doctor.

With that, Saraswati passes away and the other pandits take Dr Baig outside the OT. The men start beating up Dr Baig and swear to kill him for hurting Saraswati. Neel throws a fit at the temple and asks Vyaasji to help him search for his sister. At the hospital, Alekh is standing next to Saraswati’s corpse and starts blabbing about how she should have avoided causing such a big scene. Godavari receives a phone call and announces to Neel and Vyaasji that Saraswati is no more.

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