Quick Recap: 4 High Voltage Moments Between Rohini And Debdeep We Loved Watching


March 18, 2020


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1. When Debdeep and Shabnam came to Jash's house

In the latest Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha, the plot has reached a point where emotions between the main characters are running vehemently strong, particularly so in those of them who cannot stand each other! While Jash (played by Suman Dey) has been operated by Debdeep (played by Indrajit Chakraborty) for lung cancer, it is a vulnerable time for him and those closest to him. He doesn’t wish to go back home and stay with his now wife Rohini. But Rohini and Jash’s mother think otherwise. Debdeep and Shabnam (played by Manali Dey), have now become enemy No. 1 for them, and tensions between the four are running high. Debdeep, in turn, is not averse to standing up to Rohini, and it is not unusual to see them clashing every so often. Here are four such moments from the recent past that have come to define their dynamic. Meanwhile, watch the latest episode below to stay all caught up!

On being summoned by Jash, Debdeep and Shabnam arrive at his home to take him to the doctor at his request. However, Rohini tries to put her foot down and insists that being a doctor, she knows how to take better care of him. Debdeep refutes this on many counts– the first being that Jash is currently not receiving any treatment, and second, that he does not know that any one who has attempted murder can also be capable of taking care of someone. Rohini is utterly enraged at this!

2. When Debdeep and Shabnam bring Jash home after his check-up

After Debdeep and Shabnam take Jash to the doctor for tests and a check-up for his failing health, they bring him back home to his family. Rohini is furious at this and demands to know what right they have to do this. Instead of being more concerned to know his test results, she acts extremely territorial and flies into a fit of anger at their audacity.

3. When Debdeep forbids Rohini from seeing Jash in the hospital

After Jash has his surgery (conducted by Debdeep), Rohini comes to the hospital and demands to meet him. She insinuates that Debdeep wants to harm him, and demands to see Jash immediately. Debdeep has no patience for her dramatics and will not hear of it. He refuses to let her go inside the cabin to meet Jash (who has made it clear that he doesn’t want to meet Rohini), much to her fury. Unmoved, Debdeep says that he will call security and even the police if she does not vacate the premises immediately as Jash is in no condition to see her and entertain her behaviour.

4. When Debdeep has to keep Rohini away by force

When Rohini refuses to stay away from Jash in the hospital and comes back again, Debdeep has a team of nurses take her away forcibly to keep Jash’s wishes of not allowing her to see him, as it would stress him out deeply. She is taken aback that Debdeep actually remains true to his word, and is absolutely furious!

Which of these moments did you think was the most dramatic? Tell us in the comments below!

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