Qubool Hai 30 April 2020 Written Update: Zoya Gets Jailed, Asad Comes To Rescue

In the latest episode, Zoya hits the goons and police arrest her. The cops call Asad and inform him that Zoya has been jailed.

Janhvi Sharma

April 30, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Qubool Hai, Razia tells Shireen to control Rashid, and not allow him to do anything. Shireen confronts Rashid about his whereabouts as he was lying to her. Rashid tells Shireen to not destroy Nikkat’s nikah. Shireen asks Rashid about Dilshad, and blames her for meeting his first wife secretly. Shireen is happy to know that Rashid did not meet Dilshad. Dilshad receives a gift from Rashid and gets happy. Imraan’s family comes to visit Shireen and her family. Haseena gets to know that they are hiding something from them.

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In the latest episode, Shireen gives jewellery as a gift to Nikkat. Shireen gets to know that Rashid is disturbed and talks to him. Ayaan tells Rashid that Shireen’s birthday is coming and asks him what gift he purchased for her. Rashid tends to forget her birthday and lies saying that he will purchase a gift soon. Nikkat, Humaira, Najma reach college and participate in the event. At home, Dilshad calls Rashid and asks him why did he sent her the gift? He tells her that it was their 31st wedding anniversary and he still remembers which gifts she needs. Dilshad cries her heart out, as she says that Rashid left her kids and got married for the second time.

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Dilshad tells Rashid to take back the gift that he has sent her. In the college, Najma waits for Zoya and few goons trouble her. Zoya comes to Najma’s rescue and beats the goons. Rashid’s mother overhears his and Dilshad’s conversation. Rashid eagerly waits to spend some time with Dilshad but the latter ignores her. Asad gets a call from the police who informs him that they have arrested Zoya. Zoya is put behind the bars and Najma gets tensed thinking that Asad might stop her from going to the college. Zoya tells Najma to go home and not reveal the truth in front of Asad. Gaffur gives lecture to Ayaan and tells him to do some work. Razia brainwashes Shireen and tells him to asks his whereabouts.

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