Qubool Hai 29 April 2020 Written Update: Rashid Sends Gift To Dilshad

In the latest episode, Dilshad is happy to receive a gift from Rashid. She hides the gift from Asad and lies to him

Janhvi Sharma

April 29, 2020


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In the previous episode of Qubool Hai, Zoya and Asad get into an arguement. He tells Zoya that he does not like girls who are forward in life and tells her to be away from Najma and not spoil her. Zoya rejects his opinion and teaches him a lesson. Ayaan calls Asad and tells him that Imraan’s mother wants to exchange the clothes. Asad calls the manager of the shop and tells him to not reveal his name to anyone. Haseena goes to change the suit and reads the name of Asad Ahmed Khan, on the bill. She decides to reveal the identity of Asad. Nikkhat overhears his conversation with Asad and questions Ayaan. She cries her heart out as she is overjoyed knowing that Asad gave gifts to her would-be groom.

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In the latest episode, Razia tells Shireen to control Rashid, and not allow him to do anything. Shireen confronts Rashid about Rashid’s whereabouts as he was lying. Rashid tells Shireen to not destroy Nikkat’s nikah. Rashid comes in and the two stop talking. He asks Shireen if Haseena changed the suit. He gets worried about Nikkat’s future. But Shireen asks Rashid about Dilshad, and blames her for meeting his first wife secretly. Dadi comes in to rescue Rashid and tells Shireen that he went to know about Imraan and his family. Shireen is happy to know that Rashid did not meet Dilshad.

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Dilshad receives a gift from Rashid and gets happy. She hides the gift from Asad and lies to him. Imraan’s family comes to visit Shireen and her family. The groom’s family asks Razia about Asad. Razia lies and says that they do not know him. Haseena gets to know that they are hiding something from them. They plan to know details about Asad. Rashid remembers the quality time he spent with Dilshad. She cries her heart out and remembers him.

What will happen next ? Will Asad get to know that Rashid sent a gift to Dilshad? Watch all the episodes of Qubool Hai now, only on ZEE5!

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