Pyaar Poison Panga: Here Are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Icchadhari Naagins!

Did you always want to know more about Icchadhari Naagins? Here’s your chance!


December 10, 2019


5 min


Jui and Alap are like any other couple in love! They have their fair share of coochie-coo, adorable moments and fights. At the onset, this couple looks like any other, but if you do assume that, then you surely must take another look at their love story! The main reason being that Prem Poison Panga, the show in which these two young lovers romance each other, is not an ordinary romantic show by any means. There’s a big twist hidden in there that separates it from the rest! 

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While Jui may look like any ordinary girl in love who is trying to handle the different aspects of love and family, she is also an Icchadhari Naagin! She finds out this shocking truth of her life on her 21st birthday, which is, coincidently, also the day when Alap plans to propose in a true lover’s fashion to her! Jui is in quite a soup as her reflection gives her true form and she wants to do everything in her power to ensure that Alap doesn’t see her scaly appearance. 

We’ve grown to love the various funny, sometimes serious situations that the couple goes through on the show. But, have you ever wondered if Icchadhari naagins really exist? Here we share with you, 5 things that you weren’t aware of these shape-shifting snakes!

1. Do they really exist? 

While our folklore is rich with the mention of such supernatural creatures and many stories also talk about them, often people wonder if an Icchadhari naagin can really exist. Unfortunately for some, the answer is no! This imaginary concept of a supernatural being, with shapeshifting powers, only finds its place in fiction, be it movies, TV shows, or books. 

Scene from Prem Poison Panga.
Scene from Prem Poison Panga.

2. Who are they really? 

Many stories of mystery and thrill are weaved around the concept of this powerful serpent creature that can take the form of a human. It is believed that Icchadhari Nag and Naagins were the sole protectors of precious jewels, also known as Naag Mani. And, if a human dared to steal this treasure from the snake, then only ill-luck and wrath of the Nag followed them in the form of an Icchadhari Naagin. 

Sharayu Sonawane from Prem Poison Panga
Sharayu Sonawane from Prem Poison Panga

3. How to control them? 

When the Icchadhari Naagin is in her serpent form, there happen to be ways to charm her and control her through music. The person who is adept at this is known as a snake-charmer and is known to have a way with snakes. The reason behind his controlling powers is the Been. This is a musical instrument often used by snake charmers who play it in order to make the snakes do their bidding. 

4. What is the secret of Naag Mani? 

This is one piece of jewel that has a lot of myth, secrecy, and interest revolving around it. Since the ancient days, men have looked high and low in order to acquire this gem and its power. It is said that Naag Mani is formed inside the mouth of King Cobra, who gradually develops this gem over a 1000 years. Once developed, this gem is known to bless the snake with magical powers. However, if the Mani gets stolen, it will result in the death of the snake. 

5. How to identify an Icchadhari Naagin? 

Just like Jui, all Icchadhari Naagins show their true form in their reflection. They can balance both the aspects of their life truly well, without anyone noticing their truth. And, most importantly, like Jui, an Icchadhari Naagin truly loves and respects her parents, as well as her partner, Alap, at the same time. 

So, what do you think about Icchadhari Naagin? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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