Priyo Tarakar Andarmahal 28 May 2020 Written Update: A Friendship Special


May 28, 2020


3 min

In this episode of the Zee Bangla TV show Priyo Tarakar Andarmahal, the host of the show, Debjani, talks about the importance of friendship. First, she calls up the actor Pratyusha Paul, who is frying soy pakoras in her kitchen. Pratyusha has previously starred in the Bengali movie Malobikar Katha. Watch the episode here:

Pratyusha then introduces us to her grandfather, who she loves very much. Debjani then suggests that the two of them compete in a paper cup making challenge. They have to make as many paper cups as possible within 30 seconds. Pratyusha’s Dadu wins, and Debjani says that he gets to eat most of the pakoras as a reward. But he lets his granddaughter keep the majority because she loves to eat, much to her delight!

Pratyusha Paul
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Next, Debjani calls up actor Pallavi Dey, who is dancing with her jharu in her room! (Pallavi has acted in the serial Kunjachaya.) Pratyusha and Pallavi had been flatmates before, and  Pallavi says she has been helping her mother with all her domestic activities during the lockdown.

Pallavi Dey
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Then, a new kind of singing challenge takes place. Pratyusha and Pallavi’s mothers join them in it! First, their daughters have to identify the film Debjani has in mind with the actors mentioned, then drink a glass of water and the one to finish first, will have their mother sing first! This ends up being a lot of fun.

Next, Debjani calls up Pratyusha’s best friend, actor Bhavna Banerjee who has appeared on the reality show Didi No. 1. Bhavna talks about how much Pratyusha and Pallavi squabble with each other, and tells us that she is the one to mediate and bring back the peace between them. Then, Debjani makes all the three girls dance holding different household objects, which they do amazingly together at the same time on their respective terraces.

Bhavna Banerjee
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After this, they play a friendship game where Debjani asks them questions about all the things they usually do. The next challenge is a makeover competition. All three girls have to make pony tails in their hair, wear a tip, lipstick, bangles and most importantly, a saree over all that! They manage to do this quite successfully, and the episode closes with all three of them performing a dance once again in celebration.

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