Priyo Tarakar Andarmahal 11 May 2020 Written Update: Meet Ambarish, Manasi, And Sudipa

In this episode, Debjani lets us catch up with Ambarish Bhattacharya, Manasi Sinha, and Sudipa Chatterjee, and have a lot of fun!


May 11, 2020


4 min


In this episode of Priyo Tarakar Andarmahal, Debjani calls up actor Ambarish Bhattacharya, and the first question on her mind is about when he will finally get married! Watch today’s episode here:

Ambarish responds by likening marriage to getting bitten by a snake, and claims it is not for him! However, Debjani insists that he makes an excellent suitor and continues to tease him about it. He says he would rather live his life eating, reading, and enjoying music as he has been, rather than getting married, and says that he would much rather have Debjani ask him to sing a song than that! Debjani then agrees to let him off by singing, which he then does for us.

Priyo Tarakar Andarmahal
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Debjani then proceeds to video call actor Manasi Sinha, and the both of them continue to insist that Ambarish should consider marriage. He refuses to agree with them, and instead jokes about the prospect. He makes a jibe to Manasi, saying that she sits next to her husband on long car rides and wishes that he was Uttam Kumar. Manasi comments that he will never understand what it’s like to be kissed by the superstar, and both Ambarish and Debjani are stunned to hear such a thing. Manasi tells us a story from her childhood when she was out with her parents to eat at a restaurant in Park Street, and had the good fortune to meet and greet the legendary actor.

Priyo Tarakar Andarmahal
Source: ZEE5

Everyone is impressed with her tale, after which she sets Ambarish the task of folding his clothes within a short amount of time. He completes this successfully, and the other two take it as another opportunity to tease him about married life. Next, Debjani calls up the popular cookery show host and screenwriter Sudipa Chatterjee. We find her to be making Chicken Bharta in her kitchen after which she sits down to chat with us.

Priyo Tarakar Andarmahal
Source: ZEE5

She tells us that she has been spending time with her family at home, and loves playing with Aadi, her young son, even though tidying up his toys scattered all over the living room after it can be quite annoying. Ambarish then sets Manasi the challenge of identifying different objects in her house that her family brings to her while blindfolded, and she gets every single one right. He then challenges Sudipa to complete a drawing in a very short time, which she agrees to on the condition that he marries a girl of her choosing! She completes this successfully, and Ambarish says he will remember his promise when she manages to find a suitable prospect.

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