Priya Raman As Akhilandeshwari In Sembaruthi Is An Inspiration To Many, Here’s Why

Akhilandeshwari is a stereotype breaker, as she is an independent woman who stands tall amongst the other characters of the show.

May 22, 2019


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When a famous actress plays the part as one of the female leads, usually the persona of the actress overshadows the character and the essence of the character is lost in the effort. But in the case of actress Priya Raman, this is not the case. For when she portrays the role of Akhilandeshwari on Sembarauthi that airs on the ZEE5 she has made it sure to leave a mark on the minds of the viewers with her effective depiction of the character.

Watch the powerful performance of Priya Raman as Akhilandeshwari in the show Sembaruthi.

Priya Raman is a very talented actress, there is no debating that. But what comes as a surprise is the reaction that the viewers have had about the character of Akhilandeshwari. It is refreshing to see the concept of a matriarchal household where Akhilandeshwari is the head. Further, if you were to analyse the character in detail you would realise that although Akhilandeshwari is dominating, she is caring. She has a fixed set of principles according to which she leads her life.

Priya Raman

Interestingly, one can go ahead and say that Akhilandeshwari is breaking stereotypes. She is an independent woman who knows that she stands tall amongst the other characters of the show, to a certain extent it is she who decides the flow of the story. Also, one would see that there exists a subtle alienation between her and her own children, which sometimes also extends to her husband, which is because of her immense capacity of self-realisation.

To the masses, it is obviously a treat to watch this strong female lead who is not to be messed with. In fact, if you look closely it is not easy to manipulate Akhilandeshwari, unlike other female leads. Vanaja and Nandhini have to take a lot of efforts to ruin her image. Thus, one can with confidence say that a charismatic character like this was not offered to viewers in the recent past.

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