Priya Bapat’s Turkish Vacay Will Inspire You To Taste 5 Dishes

Manjiri Shete

June 10, 2019


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1. Lahmacun

Picking up the right food item while you are in a foreign country isn’t as easy as making two-minute noodles (which takes good 15 minutes BTW). It involves preparing your taste buds for the rollercoaster of flavours that are set to unveil on your tongue. Nonetheless, the whole idea of tasting a different cuisine excites me.

So, when Priya Bapat, from Marathi film Kaksparsh on ZEE5, posted a picture of herself having the Turkish coffee in Istanbul, we knew we had found gold. We jumped at the opportunity to explore the culinary scene in Turkey. Especially, Istanbul which is a beautiful amalgamation of cultures. If you are interested in exploring the place, here are few of the many dishes that need to set foot on your palette.

The base of Lahmacun is made of thin crust dough spread with minced meat (lamb or beef) on top, followed by the sprinkling of veggies (like onion, pepper, eggplant). After a squash of citrus on this mixture, you could roll it and serve.

Meanwhile, you will love watching Priya Bapat’s performance in Kaksparsh below:

2. Balık Ekmek (or fish fried)

While the pronunciation of this dish might give you a hard time, the images won’t, as it looks exactly like your sub! This snack, the king of Turkish street food, is stuffed with fried or grilled fish, onions and salads.

3. Karnıyarık

If eating a normal eggplant dish is too basic for you, this is your amped up option. The eggplant is stuffed with tomatoes, ground meat, pepper and fried onions. This can be a side to your regular varan-bhaat!

4. Kadınbudu Köfte

We can already feel you salivating. This is one recipe that is easy to make and tastes heavenly at the same time. Before frying the meatballs until golden brown, you have to roll them in wheat flour and egg batter.

5. Hünkar Beğendi

This dish has its roots from the Ottoman era. Hünkar Beğendi is rich and spicy eggplant gravy (made of milk, cottage cheese and butter) sprinkled with lamb cubes on the top.

Nowadays, as the food culture is exploding worldwide more than ever; our generation is becoming aware of the cuisines continually. Let’s end it on a sweet note, “Bon Voyage!”

Don’t forget to tune into ZEE5 to watch your favourite Marathi TV shows while you are jet setting around the world.

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