Prema Entha Madhuram 9 July 2020 Written Update: Subbu Assures Anu Of Marrying A Prince

Sneha Bale

July 9, 2020


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Earlier in the Telugu serial Prema Entha Madhuram, Padma takes Anu (Varsha) to Rajini’s house to select wedding cards. Arya (Sriram Venkat) tells his mother about Anu’s stubbornness and she provides him with a new perspective, in Anu’s defence. Mansi (Varsha) overhears them and decides to dig deeper into Anu’s matter. Raghupathi tries to woo Subbu into agreeing to Anu and Sampath’s marriage by solving his financial problems. But Subbu asks him to leave.

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In today’s episode, Subbu tells Raghupathi to have some shame and leave the house. He also asks Padma if she has lost her sense to think by mingling with a man who tried to make a business out of a marriage. Padma feels ashamed that Subbu did not agree with the decision. Subbu goes to meet Anu (Varsha) on the terrace of their house. The father-daughter talk about how she is destined to be with a prince, not a peasant.

Arya (Sriram Venkat) apologises to his mother for talking rudely earlier. Mrs Vardhan says that she needs to thank Anu (Varsha) for making Arya feel a sense of hurt and attachment. She also says that she would like to meet Anu personally. Padma goes to apologise to Raghupathi for Subbu’s behaviour, and he tells her that they were doing a favour on them by marrying Anu to Sampath. Later, he tells Rajini that they cannot let go of this marriage proposal, because through Anu they can use Arya’s powers.

Sampath, Rajini, Raghupathi, Padma in Prema Entha Madhuram
Padma apologises to Raghupathi in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)

The next morning, Subbu calls out to Anu for help, but the latter seems to be lost in her own thoughts. He prays to the Gods to help Anu soon. Padma starts taunting Subbu for his behaviour and asks why he did not approve of the proposal. Subbu explains that Anu must take the decision for herself, without their interference.

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