Prema Entha Madhuram 25 August 2020 Written Update: Has love taken over Arya?

In this episode, Arya lashes out at Anu and lectures her about the importance of being practical. Watch Prema Entha Madhuram episode before TV to be a part of the drama.

Sneha Bale

August 24, 2020


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In the previous episode, Anu comes to see her parents talk about how much Arya helped her family get back on their feet. Sampath stops Anu before she goes to the office and offers to drop her. After much thinking, Anu agrees to go with him. Mira tries to defend Mayur, but Arya shuts her up. That’s when Anu’s phone rings and Arya turns to see who disturbed him. Anu finds out it was her phone and apologies to Arya. Arya scolds Anu again and tells her that she needs to follow his rules when she steps out of his cabin. Watch Prema Entha Madhuram today’s episode to find out.

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Prema Entha Madhuram - Arya is confused
Prema Entha Madhuram – Arya is confused – Source: ZEE5

In this episode, Anu visits Arya in his office. Arya seems to be really angry on her. He confronts her on the basis of her actions and gives her a reality check about life. He talks about the difference between the movie world and reality as he discusses life being more than just love. As Anu hears him speak, she gets worried about his health and requests him to take the tablet. Hearing all these words, Anu decides to work harder.

Mira, her boss, tells her to complete the presentation for the meeting as Arya heads out for the dealer’s meeting. Anu stays back to finish the work and decides to complete it. Arya, on the other hand, seems to be visibly disturbed and his mom questions him about his health and his state. Seeing him distraught she worries. While discussing things, she explains to him about loneliness and prays that he finds someone soon. Meanwhile, Anu’s parents also enquire about her and she doesn’t answer properly which bothers them. The next day, the dealers request Meera to send Anu for the deal which angers Mira. What will Mira do in retaliation? Watch Prema Entha Madhuram premiere episode to find out.

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