Prema Entha Madhuram 23 March 2020 Written Update: Neeraj Forgives Anu

Sneha Bale

March 23, 2020


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Earlier in Prema Entha Madhuram, Anu realises that she loves Arya and gets excited to go to work the next day. She waits for Arya to compliment her on her new dress, and she smiles endlessly. Arya tells Anu to convince Neeraj on her own to stay in the office. Mira and Jende tell Neeraj that Anu has come back.

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In today’s episode, Neeraj asks his brother how and why Anu was back inside the house. Arya asks him to give Anu a chance and calls her inside. Arya explains that Anu has five minutes to convince Neeraj. That’s when she starts narrating the story of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. Anu accepts her mistake and apologises to him. But Neeraj gives no answer. Arya asks Anu to leave, but she starts repeating ‘sorry’. Arya asks Neeraj to make a wise decision, and they retain Anu.

Arya and Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Arya and Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram

Neeraj leaves the room by giving Anu one last chance. Arya commends her skills and asks her to demand whatever she wants. Anu uses this opportunity to get her slam-book filled by him. She also invites him, along with the rest of the office, to attend the doll exhibition at her house. Arya gets excited about it, and also asks Mira and Jende to join him. But Mira denies coming, quoting meetings with the foreign delegates.

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