Prema Entha Madhuram 22 July 2020 Written Update: Arya Rethinks About His Decision

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July 22, 2020


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31In the latest episode of the Telugu serial Prema Entha Madhuram, Neeraj asks everyone about the source of happiness on the breakfast table. Mansi (Varsha) taunts Mrs Vardhan and Arya (Sriram Venkat) when they talk about each other’s happiness. Arya praises the payasam and his mother asks why he didn’t like the same payasam on the previous day. Neeraj exclaims that the food was tastier because they were sharing it.

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Arya chokes on his food when he remembers sharing food with Anu (Varsha) in the office. Arya gets a call from Padma later, who informs him about the happiness in her basti for Anu’s wedding. She also asks him to be present at her wedding at any cost. Arya quietly agrees and hangs up the phone. He goes to the office and meets Neeraj, who was on his way to finalise a new business deal.

Arya and Neeraj in Prema Entha Madhuram
Arya meets Neeraj in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)

Arya asks if he remembers the mistake he made during the previous deal. Arya teaches him to never repeat the mistake. Neeraj elaborates it and promises to follow his advice. When Neeraj leaves, his voice keeps resounding in Arya’s mind who thinks of how he was repeating a mistake by pushing Anu away. On the other hand, Anu types out a text, sharing her feelings, to Arya. But she doesn’t send it because of the promise made to Mira. She asks her gods to help her.

In the next episode, Arya gatecrashes into Rajini’s house just when Subbu tells Raghupathi that they should begin with Pelli Choopulu. Anu feels shocked as she hears about Arya.

Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Anu get stunned as Arya comes for Pelli Choopulu in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)
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