Prema Entha Madhuram 20 July 2020 Written Update: Mira Asks Anu To Stop Talking To Arya

In the latest episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Mira tells Anu that she has to stay away from Arya if she wants the money. Read the full update here.

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July 20, 2020


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In the latest episode of the Telugu serial Prema Entha Madhuram, Subbu tells Padma that Raghupathi has agreed to pay all the bills for the wedding. And, he has also suggested that they fix a date within a couple of days. Padma feels happy while Subbu and Anu (Varsha) strongly suggest paying for half the costs of the wedding. When Padma tries to taunt Anu by asking if Arya (Sriram Venkat) will help them, Anu tells Padma to avoid dragging him into their conversation.

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Anu (Varsha) further states that someone has forced Arya (Sriram Venkat) into convincing her for the marriage. Subbu tries to think of a way to get the money, but Anu suggests that she will arrange it. She calls Mira and asks if they can speak privately the next day. Mira agrees to meet her in the office. Anu explains her situation and Mira tells her that they cannot give her any loan without Arya’s approval.

Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Anu talks to Mira in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)

Mira suggests that she can give her some money from her personal savings, but that would come at a cost. She says that Anu mustn’t talk to Arya at all. Her presence in the office should almost be invisible, at least in front of Arya. If he approaches her, she must ignore him. Anu is left with no choice, but to agree to Mira’s terms. Finally, Mira gives her Rs 5 Lakh as opposed to the Rs 2 Lakh as asked by Anu. Meanwhile, Mansi finds the key to Arya’s secret room, but the old man stops her before opening it.

In the next episode, Anu says that she knows Arya loves her, and he ignored his feelings all this while. She adds that she will do something because of which Arya will not be able to ignore her or his feelings for her.

Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Anu thinks about Arya in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)
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