Prema Entha Madhuram 15 September 2020 Written Update: Will Neeraj open fire at the temple?

In today’s episode, Neeraj takes his gun to kill the person who cheated him. Will he kill him? Watch Prema Entha Madhuram episode before TV.

Sneha Bale

September 14, 2020


4 min


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In today’s episode, after listening to Sodamma’s word, Anu decides to head to the temple to find answers for her questions. Meanwhile, Neeraj is angry and storms out with his gun to kill the person who cheated him. Everyone in the house comes to stop him. Arya intervenes and calls out Neeraj’s name and Neeraj stops. Arya calms him down and asks him to not act rashly to which Neeraj complies. Arya assures he will take care of it. Arya explains the importance of respect and asks him to cool down. To ensure Neeraj doesn’t do anything rash, Arya volunteers to stay back home while his entire family goes to the temple. Watch Prema Entha Madhuram new episode to find what he said.

Padma and Subbu get ready to visit the temple. Padma goes to get matching bangles for her blouse and Subbu passes a sarcastic comment as usual. She asks him to look after the boiling milk, but he fails to do so. Padma returns to see the milk wasted and gives Subbu a piece of her mind. Anu walks in and they decide to go the temple. Anu wishes to go in a cab as she wants to finish her prayers on time without any delay. She books a cab and decides to head soon. She asks the driver about the ETA and is sad to hear it will be late. Words about separating with Arya flash in her head and she grows sadder but hides it well.

Anu and Padma in Prema Entha Madhuram(Source: ZEE5)
Anu and Padma in Prema Entha Madhuram(Source: ZEE5)

They start the journey and the driver plays a song, and it turns out to a sad one. Padma requests the song to be changed to a Telugu song and a religious songs plays to which Padma rejoices. She tries to have small talk with the driver and as usual, her naive nature makes Subbu jump into the conversation. While Anu is sad, she asks numerous questions to the driver to which he complies. She unknowingly talks about Arya and it makes Anu ask about the ETA. She remembers the challenge of not having any communication for 24 hours which she posed to Arya. Thinking about this makes causes her to worry.

On the other end, Chandi asks about Arya’s whereabouts. He reminds him about Anu’s challenge and reminds him to not go out of the house. Right then, things take a turn. Circumstances force him as his mother forgets the thalli necessary for the pooja of Shiva-Parvathi. Arya rethinks about the situation. Will he head out or not?

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