Prema Entha Madhuram 14 September 2020 Written Update: Is Arya finally ready to talk about his marriage?

In today’s episode, Sharada Devi hints at Arya’s marriage once again. Will he talk about it this time? Watch Prema Entha Madhuram episode before TV.

Sneha Bale

September 13, 2020


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In today’s episode, Anu listens to Sodamma’s statement and tells Ramya that she needs to go to the temple. Ramya tries to tell her that she needs to go to Arya, not a temple. But Anu walks away. Padma and Subbu discuss how they couldn’t find the location. So, she suggests asking Arya for help, though Subbu requests her to avoid it. Niraj goes to Arya and apologises for his mistake. He explains how couldn’t help himself when making such mistakes. Arya explains that he needs to put more thought and gain some confidence. Arya also tells him something about Mansi! Watch Prema Entha Madhuram latest episode to find what he said.

Niraj thanks Arya for whatever he said about Mansi and decides to stick to his words. Arya asks him to go out and find something meaningful to do while he promises to take care of the people who had fooled Niraj. Niraj starts walking away, but takes a step back and tells Arya that he will handle the fraudsters himself. Mrs Vardhan starts preparing for a pooja. Arya sits in the living room and keeps thinking about whatever Anu told him. Padma tries to call Arya but Anu tells her that she has found the location.

Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)

Ramya asks Anu to meet Arya, but Anu insists that she has a good feeling about visiting the temple. Mrs Vardhan asks Arya if he was waiting for or thinking of someone. Arya tries to give a diplomatic answer but Mrs Vardhan understands his longing and asks him to join her as she gets Niraj and Mansi to perform pooja for their prosperous married life. She suggests that it could help in getting married soon, too. Likewise, Padma gets ready for her pooja too. Subbu asks why she is in such a rush, but Anu explains that she has prepared everything and they must visit the temple soon. Subbu feels weird on seeing Anu so sad.

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